Friday, November 11, 2011

Vettel offered comeback-advice to Räikkönen

It is still only a rumour that Kimi Räikkönen willjump back to the F1-circus from rally as a Williams-driver.

But it's not a rumour that at least WDC Sebastian Vettel is very interested in knowing if Räikkönen comes back.

Vettel asked Turun Sanomat how close Räikkönen's comeback is. My counter question to him was what kind of advice he sends Räikkönen about how much F1 has changed during these two years.

Is the only change to Räikkönen's last F1-year 2009 that Vettel is now a WDC?

– First of all we all know that Kimi doesn't want to take advice from anyone. Kimi is not any rookie. He knows how to drive these cars fast.

– But I can say this much that these cars change a lot every year. First there's the new car and then there are the update packages that come during the season. When you drive them yourself all the time you also learn quickly the differences to the previous one. If you are away for a long time then the amount of changes is quite big.

– You don't understand it in any other way except by driving it yourself. It would be best to ask Michael Schumacher how different it was to drive a car when he was away for three years, Vettel advices.

Räikkönen will most likely drive his last WRC-rally this weekend. If the rumours about a possible move to Williams come true, then it's certain that he starts to get used to driving a F1-car again.

Turun Sanomat, Abu Dhabi


Courtesy: Nicole

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