Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kimi's Assistant: Kimi Got What He Wanted

Kimi Räikkönen is really satisfied with his new F1 deal.

Räikkönen's assistant Riku Kuvaja has gotten used to dampening Kimi related stories. Now you can hear the happiness in his voice and you can almost see the smile via phone.

- Kimi is really satisfied with the deal, Kuvaja says happily.

He will not reveal the financial value of the two year long Lotus Renault deal but admits that it matches the value of an ex-World Champion. So Kimi got what he wanted.

Räikkönen's dream of returning to F1 lived almost through all his time spent in WRC. In the end Kimi didn't get to drive rally long enough for it to have been realistic to wait podiums nor championship.

- The desire to return to F1 kept growing all the time and in the end that lead to the negotiations and to this deal, Kuvaja says.

There were negotiations with several teams but according to Kimi's assistant the decision came easy. That was influenced both by Kimi's role in the team and the finacial side. But the most important thing was the return itself.

Source: Iltalehti

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