Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pärmäkoski: Vettel was happy over Kimi's comeback

- He is a tough guy, hats off to him. Kimi is a man who walks his own paths and has the courage to make brave decisions. His return will lift up both the team's and the serie's PR-value without any doubt because a WDC is always a person who is followed.

Räikkönen is a familiar man to Pärmäkoski because in Switzerland they used to live nearby. At that time the duo also met on the badminton field. Despite the good relationship Pärmäkoski has naturally his own view about next season.

- In badminton the victories can go quite evenly. When thinking about next season I hope that Kimi and the team will get the car in such condition that it's realistic to reach for podiums. Yet I have to admit that although I'm a Finn my heart is pounding towards a certain German driver when it comes to victories, Pärmäkoski said.

He also tells that Vettel is happy over Räikkönen's return.

- We haven't talked much about it but I know that Sebastian is happy over Kimi's return. They were already familiar to each other and I believe that two champions will give each other additional heartbeat.


Source: Iltalehti
Courtesy: Nicole

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