Monday, November 28, 2011

Remu Aaltonen: Räikkönen travelled an insane distance to see our gig

The rock legend Remu Aaltonen was impressed over the fact that Kimi Räikkönen travelled a long distance to get to see his gig in Spain.

Kimi Räikkönen was recently in Fuengirola, in Mai Tai -restaurant where Remu Aaltonen had a gig. Remu was performing as the lead singer of CostaGanes-band.

– It was a quite interesting story, my buddy said that Kimi Räikkönen had been on the gig. And after that dudes with messed up hair came backstage to say hi, they were slightly in a partying mood, Remu tells.

Kimi and his entourage had travelled to see the gig in Fuengirola all the way from Malta. Remu took Räikkönen's travelling as a gesture of honor.

– It was an insane distance, quite wild that they come to follow our gig on their day off. I was really impressed over that matter. Quite cool, you get it? They had arrived all the way from Malta on a boat, 30 liters fluids aren't enough, that much I understand.

Remu didn't have any deeper discussions with Räikkönen because Kimi's entourage continued shortly after the gig.

– When those kind of dudes come to a joint it's clear that they don't nest there. They just come and go, honoring with their presence. They had digged the gig, a pleased Remu tells.

Source: MTV3
Courtesy: Nicole

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