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Surprise guest of Vesku premiere: Kimi Räikkönen

The documentary depicting the life of artist Vesa-Matti Loiri interested also rally driver Kimi Räikkönen

Premiere of the movie Vesku directed by Mika Kaurismäki was held on Tuesday night at the Maxim theatre in central Helsinki. Several celebrities showed up but undoubtedly the most surprising guest was rally driver Kimi Räikkönen.

Kimi, who was dressed in a black hat and sunglasses, didn't stop to talk to the media people flocking outside the theatre and instead just walked in with his entourage.

Before the start of the showing Kimi's parents Matti and Paula Räikkönen were seen together with Loiri sitting on the terrace of a restaurant situated next door to the theatre.

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F1 2010 Spa Gridwalk by Martin Brundle

Interviews with Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

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Abu Dhabi to help Bulgaria join F1 calendar

Abu Dhabi is set to help Bulgaria join the Formula One calendar.

According to reports, an economic cooperation agreement was signed this week between the Bulgarian economy minister and the Emirates Associated Business Group, a state-owned Abu Dhabi company.

Standart News and Sofia news agency Novinite claim the agreement involves construction of a Formula One circuit at the former air base at Dobroslavtsi, 15 kilometres from the Bulgarian capital.

The agreement would see Abu Dhabi pay for construction of the circuit, with the land provided by Bulgaria.

The press office of the Bulgarian economy ministry confirmed the news.

2012 is slated as a possible Grand Prix debut date, but the reports said a proposal is late being lodged with the FIA.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Alonso got harsh critisism from the Italian media

The Italian media shot down Ferrari's performance and especially Fernando Alonso was the target.

Il Giornale -magazine said that whereas Kimi Räikkönen always drove spectacularly in Spa his successor Alonso again slipped in the smallest puddle and ended up in the wall.

Most papers thought that Alonso's list of errors is already way too long but the Spanish star defended himself by saying that he hasn't made any more mistakes than his main rivals have.

When Rubens Barrichello crashed in the beginning into Alonso's Ferrari the Spaniard made it to the pits and he took the wet tyres.

– If it had started to rain a lot I would have soon been leading the race with a 20 seconds difference, Alonso claimed.

– This was the 7th race. I had now a bad race but two other championship contenders didn't either score points. I still have a 50 % chance to win the WDC, Alonso said.

Heikki Kulta

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Lewis Hamilton insists McLaren will not treat him preferentially

Lewis Hamilton celebrates the 14th grand prix victory of his career at Spa.

Lewis Hamilton said he will not receive preferential treatment from McLaren despite opening up a significant lead over his team-mate Jenson Button following yesterday's Belgian grand prix.

Hamilton won his third race of the season and the 14th of his career to move three points clear of Mark Webber with six races remaining. Button was left feeling despondent after he crashed out for the second successive season at Spa.

Button was on course to finish runner-up when he was speared from his left-hand side by an out-of-control Sebastian Vettel in his Red Bull who had misjudged his braking in attempting to overtake.

Yet with 150 points still available, Hamilton said McLaren will not favour himself over Button until the situation dictates otherwise.

"I get the same treatment as Jenson and that enables us both to score maximum points so I don't feel there should be any preferential treatment," Hamilton said. "Obviously the team do the best they can to the maximum for each of us. There's no more they can do."

Hamilton dismissed the suggestion the title race is now between himself and Red Bull's Webber, who had to be content with second after starting from pole. Along with Button, Vettel and Fernando Alonso also failed to score a point, with the German finishing 15th and the Spaniard crashing out in the wet late on.

Hamilton is now 31 points ahead of Vettel yet despite the cushion he added: "You've seen in the last few races how quickly things can change. We still have a long way to go and there are still many points to be grabbed by any of the drivers who are fighting for the title.

"Clearly for me my closest rival in the championship is Mark in terms of points, but I still think the championship is open. Obviously we want to make sure that's not the case after another few races."

The Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, described Hamilton as "the luckiest man in Belgium" after the 25-year-old narrowly avoided collision with a barrier. As the rain came with 10 laps to go, Hamilton ran wide on the greasy surface and on to the gravel at Rivage, coming within inches of hitting a wall.

Hamilton said: "That was the biggest moment for me. I made it all the way out to the wall and just clipped it a little with the edge of my wing. I was very fortunate to get away with that. I was very blessed. The Lord definitely had his hand over me there."

Source: The Guardian

Vettel Diaries: Lots of clouds, not many silver linings

Murphy’s Law was vigorously in force for Sebastian Vettel as anything that could go wrong went wrong for the young Red Bull Racing driver at Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix. But he's still looking on the bright side. We catch up with his blog...

'What a race. It's just a real pity that mine went the way it did, especially after I made such a good start.

When the rain started to fall for the second time I was optimistic I could make up a few places but I had some problems with my tyre, and it was all over.

The situation with Jenson was really stupid and my fault. I tried to overtake him and lost the car on a bump.

There was just no way I could hold the car and I collided with him. I ended his race and I had to go to the pit. But it was totally unintentional. Obviously I'm not proud of it and I'm sorry for him.

Looking at the championship, I know that it's going to get a bit harder than we thought. We could have scored some more points, but we now need to focus on what's ahead of us. Our car is still very fast and we have a few more races to go to the end of the season.

Being 31 points short might sound a lot, but I won't give up. Last year, there was a huge gap in the title race and I almost made it.

So there's no reason to hide in shame. We had a good example in the German Bundesliga this week: FSV Mainz played Wolfsburg on Saturday and came back from
3-nil down to win 4-3. That's the kind of attitude that I need now. To never give up, no matter how bad the situation might look.

Speak you in Monza!'


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Kimi Räikkönen becomes EVZ ambassador

Kimi Räikkönen, the Finnish former Formula 1 racing driver champion, has been appointed club ambassador for the EVZ ice hockey team, though what his duties will be have not yet been defined.

A hastily arranged press conference was given at an almost empty stadium on Sunday afternoon with just 30-year-old Räikkönen, senior club officials and a handful of reporters present. Never one for the limelight, Räikkönen has always played hide-and-seek with the press.

Since living in Switzerland, Räikkönen lives only a five-minute drive away from the stadium, he has often followed ice hockey matches in Zurich and Rapperswil and has even trained with EVZ, no doubt arranged by his compatriot and good friend Walteri Immonen, who is EVZ assistant coach.

The club had originally hoped that Räikkönen would buy one of the CHF 100,000 boxes at the new stadium but instead he has just bought four season tickets. While he is known to be a fun-loving person, he does not have a reputation as a great communicator. However, his involvement with EVZ is to be regarded as an honour for the club.

"We are really happy to have Kimi as our ambassador," said Patrick Lengwiler, director of sport. "We have not got a big list of things for him to do but perhaps he can open a few doors."

Räikkönen meanwhile said he was happy to be able to help EVZ and was given an club shirt with number 1 and "Kimi" written on the back. One radio station encouraged him to say "Hopp Zug" (Come on Zug) in to the microphone, which he did, though he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I have no idea what it means."

As a start to his ambassadorial duties, Räikkönen duly dropped the first puck to start the Kolin Cup match between the Finnish Espoo Blues team and EVZ, whereupon he withdrew to enjoy the game. Zug went on to win 5-3 and finish second overall in the four-team warm-up tournament.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lewis Hamilton Q&A: It’s the perfect way to bounce back

After qualifying, McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton was cautiously optimistic the Belgian Grand Prix could work out well for him. And on Sunday the dream became a reality, as Hamilton clinched a formidable victory to move into the lead of the drivers’ standings. The British driver reviews his Spa race…

Q: Lewis, how did it feel when you realised that it could be your race?
Lewis Hamilton: It felt incredible! When I realized that I can control the pace - and the car was feeling better and better - it was awesome! I was able to pace myself and every time I saw that the guys behind me were closing the gap I always had an answer to it. It became a bit more difficult when the conditions changed. And then I had my wide moment! Oh boy, that was scary - and I think all the fans here and back home were at the edge of their seats. But I fortunately came out of that situation well. I then took myself back a bit and ‘carried’ the car over the finish line after that.

Q: When the conditions worsened and you heard on the team radio that you should stay out, what went through your mind?
LH: It is so slippery out on the prime tyres, so difficult to keep the car on the track and keep the temperature up that I was thinking that it is easy for them to say stay out. Because when you drive at that speed, you really don’t know at first if it is only spitting or raining heavily, you just realise water is running down your visor. You really have to go for pure balance in such a moment. I came through all that perfectly and I have to say that it was one of the most exciting races of all time for me.

Q: You must be very pleased with the overall result of the race. Three of the five championship contenders didn’t score points and you now lead the standings with a three-point advantage over Mark Webber…
LH: We are heading for a great battle for the title. That is for sure I feel really sorry for Jenson, though. He did a great job. I got around Turn One, looked in my mirrors, saw him picking up places, and thought, ‘That’s good, that’s good.’ Then he got up to second, and I thought, ‘that’s fantastic - another opportunity for a one-two.’ But unfortunately he was taken out by one of the Red Bulls.

Q: After your retirement in Budapest, you must be pleased…
LH: Yes, it was the perfect way to bounce back. I had a fantastic holiday and then to come back and do it again - it just felt perfect! I felt so blessed today! I was a bit nervous after qualifying, as we had made some changes that in technical terms meant a step back, but hey, it worked!

Q: Would you say it just you and Webber in the running for the title now?
LH: No, absolutely not! There is still a long way to go and we will race at so many different tracks up until the final race in Abu Dhabi that it just would be ridiculous to only count Mark and myself as candidates for the title.

Q: Do you think this result - and your lead in the championship - will make you McLaren’s number one driver?
LH: No. Our team gives both drivers exactly the same chances and in that way you have 200 percent moving forward.

Q: The Spa racetrack is one of the iconic tracks of the season, and it is obviously one of your favourites - at least today…
LH: This track gives us one of the most challenging Grand Prix of the calendar and I was so overwhelmed when I came out after Turn One as the race leader. Despite the 2008 race here today was the most ‘entertaining’ race for me, as it surprises at almost every corner. My lowlight today was getting into the gravel and the highlight was to come out unharmed. That was the ticket to my race win. When I touched the wall with the edge of my wing my heartbeat must have been around 220. It was going bang, bang, bang…

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[Video] Sebastian apologizes for detroying Jenson's race

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Interview with Lewis Hamilton after Belgian GP 2010

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Kimi Räikkönen is ECC Ambassador

The former Formula 1 world champion Kimi Räikkönen is starting the new season ECC ambassador. With his commitment, he will ensure that the ECC also mark the border and is still known . Even Kimi Raikkonen will be in the future, often in the new arena Bossard found as a spectator.

The cooperation between Kimi Räikkönen and the EV train has started some time ago. Already in the recent past, he attended several home games of the Zug . Even in the new arena , he will be found in the future more often.

As ECC ambassador Kimi Räikkönen will make the brand ECC also on the borders of Switzerland and throughout the sports world famous. As a great friend he ECC has also drawn even more shares . He also has four seats in the new arena , on which he will follow the games live with his friends with the ECC .

At today's press conference was Kimi Raikkonen out of the hands of ECC- President Roland Staerkle the official ECC Dress with number 1 and the name of Kimi. He will also train at the test match between the EV and the Finnish team of Espoo Blues make the Puckeinwurf .

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Schumi: Reasonably happy with Spa result

Michael Schumacher says 'seven' seems to be his number at Spa as he achieved a P7 on his debut in 1991 and a P7 on his return on Sunday

The Spa-Francorchamps circuit has many fond memories for Schumacher, starting with the very beginning on his Formula One career in 1991 when he shocked the world by qualifying in seventh place in his debut grand prix with Jordan.

Now, almost two decades later, it was another P7 for Schumacher in Belgium, although this time in a race, as the German came from 21st place on the grid to finish in the points on Sunday afternoon.

"I am reasonably happy with today's race, especially for the team," said the seven-time World Champion.

"Coming where Nico (Rosberg) and I started, I think we can all be pleased with the result, sixth and seventh places from 14th and 21st on the grid is not too bad, and it is important points for the Constructors' Championship.

"For some reason, the number seven is somehow connected with me in Spa, so there is a further special feeling here."

But, he concedes that "without the weather being even crazier, we could not have achieved more today in my view."

However, Schumacher's first race at Spa since coming back from retirement wasn't without incident, although most of those were between himself and his team-mate Rosberg.

"I 'met' Nico twice out on the track today," he said. "The first time, I had the better go in a nice racing duel and the second time was right after the re-start where I had to lift a little up into Eau Rouge due to the car in front which Nico used to fly past me.

"All in all, Spa turned out to be nearly as enjoyable as I had hoped for."

Source: Planet-F1

Belgian GP: Hamilton Claims First Spa Win

Lewis Hamilton won what could be called a race of attrition for the Championship contenders as only two of the five scored points

It was a flying start to the race for Hamilton, who easily stormd by Mark Webber to take the lead while Robert Kubica and Button fought over second place. A brief and blitzing shower caused chaos on lap 2, sending drivers flying off the track, the Safety Car out onto the track, Rubens Barrichello into retirement and Alonso into the pits for intermediates after he was caught up in Barrichello's shunt. However, the move to inters was reversed a lap later, putting an end to Alonso's bid for a podium finish.

With the track drying almost immediately after the brief shower, the race calmed down with Hamilton slowly but surely pulling away from Button and Sebastian Vettel. The battle between Button and Vettel, both of whom are in the thick of the title fight, came to an end on lap 17 when Vettel was caught out by a few drops of rain at the final chicane, lost control and went spearing into Button. Button was put out of the race, Vettel pitted for repairs and was later handed a drive-through penalty.

Kubica and Webber were promoted to the fight for second place, which
Kubica held until more rain came down on lap 34, prompting almost everyone barring the top four to pit. The top four finally came in on lap 36 after Hamilton ran off the track, just avoiding the barriers. But he kept it safe, pitted for new rubber and retained his lead. There was a change for second, though, as Kubica missed the mark in the pits and lost a positon to Webber. Massa remained fourth.

The Safety Car made its second appearance of the afternoon on lap 39 when Fernando Alonso spun and stalled in the middle of the track. Alonso's DNF made it three Championship contenders out of the points: the Spaniard, Button (DNF) and Vettel (well out of the points). With the action underway three laps later, it was left to the only two remaining Championship contenders in the race to fight for the victory.

However, Hamilton's superior pace easily won out at the restart as he pulled away from Webber to race to the victory and a much-needed 25 points, which handed him back the lead in the Drivers' Championship. Webber's 18 points for the race means he now trails by three points. Kubica finished the race in third place.

01 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 1hr29.04.268
02 Mark Webber RBR-Renault +1.5 secs
03 Robert Kubica Renault +3.4 secs
04 Felipe Massa Ferrari +8.2 secs
05 Adrian Sutil Force India-Mercedes +9.0 secs
06 Nico Rosberg Mercedes GP +12.3 secs
07 Michael Schumacher Mercedes GP +15.5 secs
08 Kamui Kobayashi BMW Sauber-Ferrari +16.6 secs
09 Vitaly Petrov Renault +23.8 secs
10 Jaime Alguersuari STR-Ferrari +29.4 secs
11 Vitantonio Liuzzi Force India-Mercedes +34.8 secs
12 Pedro de la Rosa BMW Sauber-Ferrari +36.0 secs
13 Sebastien Buemi STR-Ferrari +39.8 secs
14 Nico Hulkenberg Williams-Cosworth +1 Lap
15 Sebastian Vettel RBR-Renault +1 Lap
16 Heikki Kovalainen Lotus-Cosworth +1 Lap
17 Lucas di Grassi Virgin-Cosworth +1 Lap
18 Timo Glock Virgin-Cosworth +1 Lap
19 Jarno Trulli Lotus-Cosworth +1 Lap
20 Sakon Yamamoto HRT-Cosworth +2 Lap
Ret Fernando Alonso Ferrari +7 Lap
Ret Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes +29 Laps
Ret Bruno Senna HRT-Cosworth +39 Laps
Ret Rubens Barrichello Williams-Cosworth + 43 laps

Source: Planet-F1

Heikki Kovalainen: Bear spotting in Pirttivaara

We had a nice opportunity to spot a wild bear family with four cubs in the nature. This video was shot in Pirttivaara, Finland, close to my home town Suomussalmi.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

[Photos] Saturday in Belgium...

Vettel diaries: Satisfied with solid Spa qualifying

'The qualifying today was really tight and everything would have been possible with the weather that we had today. You could see it pretty well in Q1: I was last in the row and had no one in front of me, but by that time the whole track was under water! And driving in those conditions is really tricky with dry tyres.

All in all, Q2 was solid, but unfortunately I made some small mistakes in the second sector in Q3 and my driving was a bit too conservative.

So although it wasn't enough for pole position, I am still satisfied with today's result because the car was very fast. I can't really say anything concrete about tomorrow because the weather is unpredictable at the moment.

I am just going to focus on the start and hope to get to the front.

Speak to you tomorrow.

Trulli hits out at di Grassi

Jarno Trulli hit out at Lucas di Grassi after missing out on the chance to make it through to Q2 in qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.

The pair collided in Q1 when rain started to fall and di Grassi suffered a spin in front of the Lotus driver, with di Grassi also seeing his qualifying session end as a result.

While Heikki Kovalainen was able to make it through to Q2, Trulli had to settle for the 18th quickest time and the Italian was frustrated at not being higher.

“I'm obviously disappointed that I didn't make it into Q2, but congratulations to Heikki and the team for putting in such a good performance,” he said. “It was a pretty crazy session, and it started badly for me when di Grassi lost his car - I was quicker than him, and I couldn't avoid going over him. If he had let me by in the first place when I was much quicker, then it wouldn't have happened.

“It's difficult in changeable conditions, everyone gets surprised, but we're still in a pretty good position tomorrow, so we'll do our best to reward the fans.”

Di Grassi himself was far from happy after he was the slowest driver to set a time during the session.

“A disappointing qualifying session for me because the conditions were perfect for our set-up,” he said. “On the first time lap Trulli hit me and the damage was so great we had to stop. Tomorrow looks like rain again so I'm looking forward to an interesting race.”

Di Grassi's Virgin team-mate Timo Glock – like Kovalainen – made it through to Q2 but was then hit with a five place grid penalty for impeding Sakon Yamamoto during the session.

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[Photos] Friday at Spa-Francorchamps...