Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Williams FW34 to be launched at Jerez

Williams announced today that they will be unveiling their 2012 Formula 1 challenger, the Williams-Renault FW34, on the morning of the first day of official pre-season testing at Jerez de la Frontera.

The team announced in a brief statement: “The Williams F1 Team will present its 2012 Williams-Renault FW34 on Tuesday 7 February at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit in Spain. The car will be rolled out of the garage for a photocall with drivers Pastor Maldonado and Bruno Senna between 0830 and 0840.”

The team will be embarking on their 34th year in Formula 1, having competed in 558 races during this time and in the process notched up 113 race victories, nine constructors’ titles, and seven drivers’ championships.

Last year was their worst season to date, finishing ninth in the title championship standings, with a mere five points to their credit.

Apart from Toro Rosso, the Grive based team will be fielding the least experienced (combined) driver line-up on the grid with Maldonado and Senna.

Source: YallaF1

Snow in Maranello, sunny and hot in Lanzarote

Maranello, 31 January – At the Fiorano track, preparations are underway for the presentation of the new Formula 1 car and in Lanzarote in the Canary Isles, the training camp is coming to an end for Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Jules Bianchi and Davide Rigon.

The four drivers, along with the physiotherapists who look after them throughout the season, have spent the past few days tackling different sports, ranging from mountain biking to football, from tennis to ping-pong, not forgetting canoeing and working out in the gym or on the beach. All of this has taken place in very different conditions to those in Maranello, as the drivers enjoyed average daily temperatures of 20 °C.

The Lanzarote course was not only aimed at improving physical condition, which is absolutely vital in a demanding sport like Formula 1, but it was also an important exercise in team building, both because the competitive nature inherent in all the drivers spurred them to work even harder and in the right spirit and also because, spending time together reinforces the friendship between them.

In a few days, all four of them have important appointments. Jules will make a lightning visit to Maranello, before flying to England to start a new adventure as reserve driver for Force India, while, on 3 February, Fernando and Felipe will be taking part in the launch ceremony for the car they will be driving as from the Jerez test (7-10 February.)

Davide, who has recently extended his agreement with the Scuderia for two more years, will also be in Maranello: a lot of work awaits him in the simulator, in support of the development of the car that will see the light of day for the first time in a few days.

The programme has been established for the drivers in the three test sessions which take place prior to the Australian Grand Prix: in Jerez, Felipe will begin the development work, with Fernando closing the test; at the first Barcelona test, (21-24 February) it will be the Spaniard who drives for the first two days, with Felipe taking over for the final two; at the second session at the Catalunya Circuit (1-4 March) the driver order will again be reversed. Meanwhile the weather forecast for this week in the Maranello area is not very encouraging, with predictions of snow and very low temperatures. This means there is a real doubt as to whether it will be possible to carry out any promotional filming at the Fiorano track prior to heading for Jerez de la Frontera. It’s a very long way from Andalusia to the Emilia region and the departure of the car transporter with the racecar on board cannot be delayed any later than the afternoon of the fourth.

Source: Ferrari.com

Sutil handed 18-month suspended sentence

Former Force India Formula One driver Adrian Sutil was found guilty of grievous bodily harm by a Munich court on Tuesday and given an 18-month suspended sentence and 200,000 euro (166,139 pounds) fine for a night club brawl in China last year

The 29-year-old German, who has yet to find a race seat this year, was found guilty of injuring Eric Lux, chief executive of Renault F1 team owners Genii Capital, in a Shanghai nightclub after the Chinese Grand Prix, Judge Christiane Thiemann said.

Lux needed several stitches for a neck wound after Sutil injured him with a champagne glass.

The Renault team has since been renamed Lotus and Force India have already announced Germany's Nico Hulkenberg as Sutil's replacement.

Sutil had told the court on the first day of proceedings on Monday he had repeatedly apologised to Lux and denied it was his intention to hurt him but rather to throw a drink in his face.

The prosecution, however, had asked for a 21-month sentence and a 300,000 euro fine, saying as a professional athlete Sutil should not have acted that way.

"Pushing someone away with a glass is adventurous and not in line with our experience of life ," prosecutor Nicole Selzam told the court.

"Professional athletes play a role model function in public life and such incidents should not occur."

The fine will be paid to charities.

The court had also wanted to hear from McLaren's Lewis Hamilton, who won the race in China and was in the night club at the time, but the 2008 world champion was excused due to team commitments.

Source: Reuters Sports

IL: Kimi will not ask permission for party

Return to F1 tracks in Lotus does not cause changes in Kimi Räikkönen's leisure time celibration, Iltalehti tells.

Kimi, who has sometimes been famous of his parties, says that his attitude to alcohol has not changed anyway.

- If I want to go out and have fun, I'll go. I do not have any problem with it. No-one forbids me, and I need not to ask permission from anyone, Raikkonen says to Iltalehti in Zurich.

Source: Iltalehti

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Monday, January 30, 2012

La Repubblica: The world champions Tough Kimi is back

After two years of absence the Finn returns with a Lotus F1, the last to win the World Championship with Ferrari. But without nostalgia. "The Reds? Not feel anything... Do not end well." I'm back because I was tired of racing against the clock: I wanted to race in front of real oponents

ZURICH - To think that someone has dubbed to see the Iceman thrown on a sofa while drinking latte in front of a tennis match makes you laugh. Certainly the Husky stare and the almost albino colors look promote misunderstanding, however, only takes a few seconds of conversation with Kimi Raikkonen to understand that the image of the boy coldly and without emotion is the result only of superficial considerations. Of emotions, passions and things to say, Kimi has in abundance. It's only the way to express it what's different, but in the end there is more truth in his answers than there are in the "strategic lies," Alonso has said in a hundred press conferences. The truth about Ferrari, for example, with which he opens in his first interview since returning to the wheel of a Lotus Formula 1 car: "It will not make an impression to see the Ferraris, I feel nothing. It was a beautiful page of my career, but it's over. And not so good. "

Were you expecting something different?
"Well, yes. But those things happen in life, things do not go as you wish. It happened to me on that occasion."

And so no thrill when you see - or in front of your mirror - the profile of the machines of Alonso and Massa?
"No, nothing. Besides, I already saw the success of McLaren "from outside"."

But in recent days how you felt when - after two years of absence "due to the rally" - you climbed aboard a F1?
"It was like coming home."

What you missed in F1?
"The competition against a true, visible and present opponent. In Rally you race against the clock, you do not see any other throughout the race. Only the road. And the difference is huge."

When did you decide to return?
"Last year. In the pauses of the rally season. I was able to do some 'of experience in NASCAR. And there you have forty rivals per race ... it was the first time that I found someone on the track since I left F1. As soon as the race started I felt within me the old appeal of the competition. I called my manager to ask around to see if there was something. We talked a lot with Williams but not if it has done nothing. When we got in touch with Lotus we had no doubt and we reached an agreement very quickly.

How did the first few laps of "rehabilitation" in the Lotus went? two years ago, when they did Schumacher in 2009 to prepare for the injured Massa was a tragedy ...
"Well, it hurts my neck. But not any more than it hurt me when, a few years ago, started to drive after the winter break. I thought it will be worst."

And from a technical standpoint?
"Even there I thought it will be worse. Of course I drove on exibition tires and its performance is not those of next season tyres, but from that point of view, the new Pirelli will be a first for everyone."

What goals have you given yourself for this season?
"Pushing as much as possible."

You will have as team mate Romain Grosjean, previously you have "crossed" Heidfeld, Coulthard, Montoya and Massa. If you were to put them in order of skill?
"I have no reason to do so. They're all good boys and good pilots. And so is Grosjean."

Massa, who was your last team-mate at Ferrari, it's having a tough time, and seems to suffer from Alonso's arrival and it's at his final year on the Reds (except for a miracle). They would have done better to keep you and let go of the Brazilian instead?
"Massa is a very fast driver. Bad periods happen to everyone."

The next year, the grid will be full of world champions, besides you there will be Schumacher, Alonso, Hamilton, Button and Vettel. In your opinion who is the strongest?
"My opinion Is that it is completely irrelevant. It will be good for F1. But in the end we will not change anything, we all start from scratch. Perhaps those who have a global bulletin board should handle a little 'more pressure, a little' more expectation from the fans, but for those used to drive an F1 car is nothing. In the end, I think that whoever has the fastest car, wins. "

What do you think of "Vettel phenomenon"?
"It is very fast. But there are also three seasons that he has the best car."

Have you ever thought to stop driving?
"Well, in those days, after the end of Ferrari I did. To completely change my life, perhaps to do motocross, or something else. But it did not last long. The time to hop on a car again."

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Friday, January 27, 2012

The test did not bring any surprises to Räikkönen

Lotus driver Kimi Räikkonen says Valencia test convinced him that a successful return to Formula One series can work out

Räikkönen tested earlier this week in Valencia, Spain, Renault team's two years old car. Testing abolished concerns of the Finnish driver.

- I was a little worried that the sport to have gone ahead. Frankly, Monday and Tuesday did not bring any surprises. The feeling was the same as before, Räikkönen told to French L'Equipe newspaper.

- The old reflexes and the touch came back really quickly. Of course, it took a little time to find the limits, but on Tuesday, everything went much better. Certainly there is still room for improvement, added Räikkönen.

The Finnish driver is already eagerly waiting the races of upcoming formula season.

- This sport has a lot of things I do not like. However, when I'm racing everything is OK. I love to race against other drivers. In that I'm at my best and I get the most enjoyment, said Räikkönen.

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Relaxed driver, relaxed team

According to Kimi Räikkönen it's much more nicer in Lotus than it was in Ferrari and McLaren.

Kimi Räikkönen doesn't miss his boss Ron Dennis from his McLaren-times or Ferrari's boss Luca di Montezemolo.

He is already sure that the working peace between the driver and the team will maintain better in Lotus.

- This is a relaxed team. Much more homey and warmer than Ferrari or McLaren. So far I have had really fun with the crew from Lotus and I don't think that the situation will change, Räikkönen said yesterday.

Lotus is getting a new F1-simulator.

- It's going to be better than any other team has. I myself am not going to drive a lot in the simulator. Even if I would drive in the simulator all days I don't believe it would give any advantage in the final games.

Räikkönen is still trying to get permission from Lotus to drive some rallies this year also.

- One can get injured in normal life also but it's understandable that the team is trying to protect their drivers from dangerous hobbies. Maybe we can still reach unanimousity about the rally-matter at some stage.

It is still possible that Räikkönen would drive in Finland's WRC-rally in August.

No Red Bull -plans

According to Räikkönen Lotus isn't a stepping stone to Red Bull.

- I have no plans in Red Bull's direction, Kimi assured.

Räikkönen doesn't see Red Bull or Ferrari as any special challenge.

- If one wants to do well then one has to win everyone. Ferrari hasn't been in the top for a few years. For me it's just a team among other teams.

Source:Ilta-Sanomat (paper edition)

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Kimi Räikkönen: Wild and free

Kimi Räikkönen won't ask for permission to drink alcohol

1. Kimi, what's on your mind?

- Nothing. Ask something for God's sake since you have come all the way here.

2. What do you expect from the next tests?

- Difficult to say. We'll see then what the new car is like. I don't think that it's terribly different. I don't know about the tyres. They say that they have changed a bit.

3. What kind of season would you yourself be satisfied with?

- I haven't really thought anything concrete. I see in the tests what the car is like and how good it is. That decides. How it feels, that's a thing you notice right from the first test. At least I have noticed it immediately earlier.

4. You are used to really big teams during your F1-career. Does it show in the operation of Lotus that it's slightly smaller than McLaren and Ferrari?

- No, it's just the same. We have all the same equipment here and hence we also have a chance to make a good car. The same gang who earlier won championships is still here. And physically the team is located in the same place. Maybe it's smaller in the sense that Lotus doesn't have a car factory behind them like Mercedes or Ferrari had.

5. During the last months a few motorbikers have passed away due to an accident. Does a professional driver think more about the sport's dangers and risks when hearing these kinds of news?

- Those are never nice news no matter if you know them or not or if they even are from your own genre's circle. Those just happen. Sadly it's part of many other sports too. Of course anything can happen and happens. Sad things but part of life.

6. You have already won your WDC in Ferrari. From where do you get motivation to continue?

- I have never had any problems with motivation, although everybody always colors things. I have always liked to race. Back in the time there were quite many factors why I started to rally. Now I got a reasonably good chance to drive in F1. I get to race against others again. I guess that's the biggest reason.

7. You have always been an excellent track-racer, but your attitude towards the media has been a bit questionable. On the scale from 1 to 10, how much do you hate these kinds of media-days?

- I don't hate them but they always ask the same questions. They won't change to anything else. If I could decide I wouldn't come here. It's definitely not the first thing that comes to my mind when waking up or something that I would be excited over. But I think it's the same for everyone else too. They probably would rather drive than do other things. If someone claims that they like these things, then I guess he is lying. Of course driving is always the number one thing. I don't have anything against these. Maybe they have made the matter a bit too big.

8. Has Jenni already healed from her riding accident?

- She is better now. She is still in pain but that's normal. It wasn't any serious matter.

9. You have probably without any cause been in the publicity because of alcohol. What is your relation to alcohol now?

- It's just the same as it was before. If I want to go out and have fun, I go. I don't have any problem with it. Nobody forbids me and I don't have to ask anyone for permission.

10. Do you think that you have changed during the years?

- I'm sure every person changes, but I don't think anything bigger has happened in me.

11. In public there is also the understanding that this Lotus-deal would only be a step to Red Bull in either 2013 or 2014. Is it correct?

- I don't have any plans. Lets see how this goes. In F1 everything can change reasonably fast. I hope that we can have fun with the team. At least I have had fun so far.

12. Do you have a two-year deal?

- Yeah, in principle.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Friday's Iltalehti: Räikkönen is wild and free

Iltalehti grilled Kimi Räikkönen

1. Kimi, what's on your mind?

- Nothing. Ask something for God's sake since you have come all the way here.

2. What do you expect from the next tests?

- Difficult to say. We'll see then what the new car is like. I don't think that it's terribly different. I don't know about the tyres. They say that they have changed a bit.

3. What kind of season would you yourself be satisfied with?

- I haven't really thought anything concrete. I see in the tests what the car is like and how good it is. That decides. How it feels, that's a thing you notice right from the first test. At least I have noticed it immediately earlier.

4. You are used to really big teams during your F1-career. Does it show in the operation of Lotus that it's slightly smaller than McLaren and Ferrari?

- No, it's just the same. We have all the same equipment here and hence we also have a chance to make a good car. The same gang who earlier won championships is still here. And physically the team is located in the same place. Maybe it's smaller in the sense that Lotus doesn't have a car factory behind them like Mercedes or Ferrari had.

What does Räikkönen think about the sport's dangers? Then what is Räikkönen's relationship to alcohol? Read all answers to these questions and to several other Kimi-questions in Friday's Iltalehti!

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Kimi Räikkönen primed for Formula One comeback with Lotus

Kimi Räikkönen says he had no trouble re-adapting to a Formula 1 car in his first test this week after two years away from the sport

The Finn, world champion for Ferrari in 2007, completed two days of running with his new team Lotus in Valencia.

"I was expecting it to feel faster than it was," said the 32-year-old, who has spent the last two years in rallying.

"OK, Valencia is not the fastest circuit, but it was still pretty normal."

Raikkonen, who was speaking in an exclusive interview with the BBC's new F1 commentator Ben Edwards, said the car did not feel especially fast.

"I was expecting it to feel fast when you really go with the throttle but I had the sensation maybe once," he said.

Nor, he said, did he suffer any neck pains, despite the high G-forces of an F1 car - which can reach 5G during braking and around the fastest corners.

"I don't feel in the neck any stiffness," Raikkonen said. "I probably expected to have more problems in the neck but I didn't really have any."

Raikkonen was driving a two-year-old car because F1's testing restrictions forbid teams running current cars outside official tests.

That meant the team was unable to establish definitively whether he was on the pace, although trackside operations director Alan Permane told BBC Sport that "from the first run he was pretty much there."

Raikkonen will make his debut in the team's 2012 car at the first pre-season test in Jerez on 7 February.

He refused to set any targets and ambitions for his first season with his new team, who finished fifth in the constructors' championship in 2011.

"We try to do as well as we can of course in every race, but it's very difficult to say," he said.

"We have to see how the car is in the testing and go from there.

"Hopefully we can have a good car to challenge in front and that would be nice, but if not we try to improve it and go to the front.

"The team has everything we need to produce a good car. We are not missing something that's the reason we don't have a good car.

"The people are very keen to have a good year. The atmosphere is great, it is a bit more family like than in other big teams, very nice people to work with and I've been enjoying it so far."

Raikkonen said the main reason for his return to F1 was that he was missing wheel-to-wheel competition.

"Racing is the biggest thing, that's why I've probably come back," he said. "That's really the main thing."

Source: BBC Sports

Kimi about his new team: There is a more homey atmosphere here

Kimi Räikkönen gave MTV3 an exclusive interview in Switzerland.

Kimi Räikkönen is after the first tests assured of his new employer Lotus-team's atmosphere and action.

- There is a clearly different working atmosphere here than there has been in my earlier teams. Here there are no uptight people, the atmosphere here is much more homey, Kimi Räikkönen said to MTV3.

The man has raced in three teams earlier: Sauber, McLaren and Ferrari.

- There are as many people here as there are in other teams also. Everybody is working for the same matter, everybody is trying to do their best. The next tests tell what the car is like, Räikkönen said.

Source: MTV3
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Kimi Räikkönen:"In F1 everything can change damn quickly"

They have speculated with Kimi Räikkönen's comeback to F1 ever since he left the serie in 2009. Yet part of the audience was astonished when the comeback with Lotus was finally confirmed.

They pondered why a WDC makes a contract with a team that according to preliminary estimations has no chance of fighting for victories.

However the decision to come back was very Räikkö-ish. He is used to making his own decisions without caring what others think. And now Räikkönen felt like going back to F1.

– Now was a good chance to drive in F1 again, he said on Thursday.

– The coolest thing about the comeback is when getting to race against the others.

Räikkönen assures that his motivation is top class.

– I have never had any problems with motivation. Still many seem to color that matter.

It has been speculated that the Lotus-seat would only be a temporary seat for Räikkönen on his way up to the top teams. Räikkönen doesn't admit or deny this. According to him the Lotus-deal is "in principle 2-years".

– I don't have any long-term plans. Lets see how it goes with Lotus. But in F1 everything can change damn quickly, he said.

Source: MTV3
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Lotus won't let Kimi on rally paths

In rally Kimi Räikkönen went to ditches but also flashed his speed

He didn't achieve the sharpest top which wasn't any big surprise. Mikko Hirvonen for example stated when Räikkönen's rally-career began that Kimi can't get in the topspeed just by snapping fingers, because he lacked the required experience of the roads and driving to notes.

People took Räikkönen's adventure in WRC a little bit too seriously. Of course Räikkönen drove at times with a goal, however rally became a hobby for him. Still a part of those following Räikkönen also expected podium positions from him in rally too.

– I never wanted to try rally as anything else than just a hobby. I didn't have much expectations. At times I drove in the forest and the ditch but I'm still satisfied with my achievements in rally.

– I paid myself for my hobby. Hence I could decide myself if I would go to some rally or not. I didn't want to take it too seriously, Räikkönen said.

Despite his F1-comeback Räikkönen is still a passionate rally man.

– If I could continue driving rally at the same time as racing in F1, then I would do so. However now I have to wait for a while until driving rally again.

Lotus has bad experiences of their driver's rallying hobby, hence Räikkönen has to control his passion. Robert Kubica's accident is fresh in the memory.

– The team is now quite on guard with these things. But the same seems to happen in other teams also, Räikkönen thought.

Source: MTV3
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Räikkönen bangs: Of course my goal is to win the WDC

Kimi Räikkönen doesn't make his F1-comeback with the tail between his legs. The man who is known as a silent hero told on Thursday in Zürich that he returns to F1 only to win his career's second WDC.

– Of course the championship is my goal. You always go after it but another WDC is not any obsession for me, Räikkönen said.

They have predicted Räikkönen a difficult season in Lotus-team after his rallying adventures, but the Iceman refuses to take the role of someone who is cooling off.

Räikkönen has often stated that as a racing driver he was only interested in the victories. That thought is still strong although Lotus isn't one of the top teams based upon preliminary estimations.

– I don't drive just because it's cool to drive. It's abnormal if you aren't reaching for victory.

– One can't be terribly happy over 2nd or 3rd positions. But it isn't possible to always win, one has to learn to relate to other things than just winning, Räikkönen said.

Tests in Jerez tell a lot

Despite his tough goal Räikkönen is not starting the season bragging. He was away for 2 years and one can't say much anything about the competitiveness of Lotus before they have tested the new car.

– It's possible that we are behind the lead. But the car wasn't terribly good on my last season in Ferrari either.

– In Lotus they know approximately what went wrong last season. Lets hope they have learned from their mistakes so we get a good package.

Räikkönen thinks he is wiser about his chances to succeed after the tests in Jerez.

– Usually the first tests with the new car tell what the pace is compared to others. If the car feels good right from the beginning then it's often also the most competitive car.

Source: MTV3
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hembery believes that a short learning period is enough for Räikkönen

As a new user of Pirelli F1-tyres is Kimi Räikkönen who returns to the tracks. This way the Italian brand has as the first one in F1-history six world champions at the same time.

Pirelli got praisal for last season's colorful races in F1. Now the expectations are even higher.

Turun Sanomat was offered an opportunity to interview Pirelli Motorsport's manager Paul Hembery.

Six WDCs in the serie, is F1 now having their highest level of all times?

– I think so - considering that there is also a bunch of talented drivers who haven't won the championship. The level is very tough, maybe the toughest one we have ever seen. If the cars' level is also as tough and their performance ability touches the sky, then we can expect a number of amazingly great races, Hembery thinks.

Räikkönen had time to drive during WRC-season 2010 with Pirelli's tyres. How well does Hembery know Kimi?

– We didn't especially get to know each other although our team did. I met Kimi twice. He is a silent guy and normally we strive to keep a distance to all drivers. We aren't looking for someone to chat with. The drivers come to us when they need something.

– However it's a good thing for Kimi that he has experience of working with us. Based upon that he understands that we strive to deliver a reliable top service to everybody.

Räikkönen drove with Pirelli tyres for the first time in Valencia. How did they follow the test from Pirelli?

– Not at all because it was Lotus-team's own thing, Hembery said.

Sensitivity of the car will help Kimi

Will the changes made to the tyres for this year help Räikkönen reach the advantage other drivers have after working for years with Pirelli?

– I have seen Kimi's comments both before and after the test in Valencia about how he has to learn the tyres. That is a big difference compared to others when looking at it from his side. However Kimi is one of the most exceptional drivers of all times that we have seen in this sport, so I belive he will learn everything quickly.

– Kimi is so sensitive in the car that he quickly understands how the tyre works, how it's worn out and how he has to tend them. Of course the team also guides him now that Kimi has to focus on different aspects to which he got used to while driving earlier in F1, Hembery summed up.

Turun Sanomat


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Räikkönen feeling good as he gets used to being back in F1 car

Kimi Räikkönen feels 'very positive' after two days re-acclimatising to Formula One in Valencia this week.

After two years away from F1, with Räikkönen primarily competing in the World Rally Championship, the Finn is poised to make a return with Lotus this year.

But as Raikkonen had not driven an F1 car since quitting the sport at the end of the 2009 season, the team decided it would be in his best interests to get some running under his belt.

That saw 2007 world champion Raikkonen run in a two-year-old car and on Pirelli demonstration tyres at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit.

With the first pre-season test in Jerez a fortnight away, the 32- year-old has no doubts he is back up to speed after completing 171 laps and 666 kilometres overall.

'Overall the two days have been helped me a lot,' said Räikkönen.

'Even though I was using a two year-old car and the demonstration tyres, I learnt about working with the team and engineers which means I can focus on the new car once we get to Jerez for the first official test.

'It was great to be driving an F1 car again, and from that respect I feel very positive.'

Lotus' trackside operations engineer Alan Permane claimed the two days with Räikkönen proved to be 'productive and valuable'.

Source: DailyMail

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photos: Kimi Räikkönen drives 2010 Renault in private F1 test at Valencia

The ‘Iceman’, 2007 world champion with Ferrari and winner of 18 races in his time with the Italian team and McLaren, is returning to Formula One this season after two years in the world rally championship

Source: LotusRenaultGP, Facebook, F1Zone Net

Kimi is back: to comb the dolls?

From Leo Turrini: January 24, 2012

Another play of drums.

Today the Holy Drinker concludes his Come Back on the track of Valencia.

Did he return to comb the dolls?

However, since this issue affects so many, mainly Abraham Maximo Lider Nuestro, here is a little 'insider trading.

1) The Blond got on Sunday evening a text message of congratulations. Sender: Fernando Alonso.

2) The Blond also got a call from the Domi.

3) Räikkönen said to the former Lotus engineers at Renault that the most important thing for him is to be able to drive a lot with a lot of fuel on board. Up to the end of 2009 F1 allowed fuel-supplies so it's necessary for him to adapt to a different driving style.

4) For Finnish mutual friends the Holy Drinker explained that his new career in F1 'will last at least five seasons'.

5) Kimi has also referred to his medium-term outlook. He wants to get some leverage with Lotus to make it clear to the top teams (obviously excluding Ferrari) that soon he is a changed driver, who in short will be under the banner of 'better use safe instead of a new phony '.

6) The Blond reasonably thinks that the Lotus would get a good result with the car, among the Top 5.

7) My nephew has always been the same, he even ignores the existence of Alonso and Formula One, and he raised a delicate question which I'll quickly summarize. Is Born To Be Mr. Abraham more unknown than Mr. Räikkönen? Is he afraid?

8) Ah, the innocence of children ...

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Video: Lotus F1 Team, Kimi Räikkönen running, Valencia, 23-01-12

Kimi Räikkönen, Lotus F1 Team's new driver, was back at the wheel of an F1 car for the first time since 2009 today, in Valencia

Source: lrgptv

Kimi Räikkönen's testing debut delights new Lotus team

Lotus revealed former world champion Kimi Räikkönen made an encouraging start in his first test for the team

The 32-year-old Finn was testing in Valencia on Monday ahead of his return to Formula 1 this year after two years in rallying.

Trackside operations director Alan Permane said: "From the first run he was pretty much there."

Raikkonen said: "It was nice to get back into the car. It's quite a few years since I last drove."

Raikkonen was driving a two-year-old Renault R30 at Valencia's Ricardo Tormo circuit in Spain, and will continue into a second day on Tuesday.

He will drive the team's 2012 car for the first time at Jerez in next month's first pre-season test.

Permane added that it was impossible to say whether Raikkonen was fully up to speed as there was no benchmark for the car on that track and on the tyres Raikkonen was using.

It was in a more updated specification than the car that ran at Valencia in pre-season testing in 2010 and the tyres were demo rubber provided by F1's new supplier Pirelli, as opposed to the Bridgestones on which it ran two years ago.

Pemane said: "It's very difficult to know where he should be but he was pretty much on the pace on the first run. He didn't find a whole lot of pace during the day.

"I don't see any reason why he won't be on the pace - you can tell he's a very, very experienced driver.

"It was very clear we were working with a former world champion. It was a good day."

Permane emphasised that the test was purely aimed at getting Raikkonen used to the speed and performance of an F1 car after so long out of the cockpit.

"There's not a lot we can learn [technically]," he said. "It's far more to get him used to the car and comfortable with the team. It's a head start before we get to Jerez."

Raikkonen has a reputation for being taciturn in public, but Lotus did not find him that way at the test.

"He must have two faces - one for [the media]," Permane said. "He's perfectly normal.

"He was very happy to sit and talk about the car for as long as it takes. He's very open."

Raikkonen told Sky Sports News: "Of course it takes a little while to get used to it, but the main driving, turning, braking doesn't take many laps. But learning about the team, the tyres, the car will take some time."

The 2010 car, with which the team's former driver Robert Kubica impressed greatly that season, has been repainted in the black and gold colours adopted by the team since they rebranded themselves from Renault to Lotus last year.

Raikkonen is not allowed to drive a 2011 car because F1's testing restrictions forbid it, but teams are allowed to run outside these rules - which strictly limit testing - as long as the car used is at least two years old.

Raikkonen, who won the world title with Ferrari in 2007, last raced in F1 in 2009. He was dropped by the Italian team at the end of that season in favour of Fernando Alonso and switched to rallying, where he competed without success.

Lotus signed Raikkonen after it became clear that Kubica, who is recovering from serious injuries sustained in a rally crash in early 2011 and then in an accident at home this month, would not be fit to race at the start of this season.

Source: BBC Sports

Räikkönen tests 2010 Renault in Valencia + Video

Lotus F1 Team driver Kimi Räikkönen was back behind the wheel of a 2010-spec Renault R30 on Monday at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain. Today’s test session was the first day of a two-day private test session to help ease his transition back into Formula 1. The 2007 Formula 1 world champion has not driven a Formula 1 car since the end of the 2009 season, spending the last two years competing in the World Rally Championship.

Räikkönen, who is making his comeback to Formula 1 in 2012, is benefitting from a two-day private testing session in Valencia. The aim of this running is for the Finn to drive as many laps as possible in order to get acquainted with the team and to reacclimatise himself with an Formula 1 car.

Räikkönen took to the track this morning around 0900 CET for his first lap in a black and gold liveried Renault R30 with which was equipped with Pirelli demostration-spec tyres. Räikkönen’s first test with the 2012-spec Lotus along with the 2012 Pirelli tyres will only take place on February 7 at the first winter testing session in Jerez, Spain.

Speaking to Sky Sports News regarding his test, Raikkonen said: “It was nice to get back in a [Formula 1] car. It’s quite a few years since I have driven so of course, it takes a little while to get used to it. But the main driving, braking, turning, the normal things do not take many laps. Of course, I’ve started learning about the car and the team and the tyres and everything, and that will take time but it was nice to finally get back in a Formula 1 car.”

Source: F1 Zone

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Todt is happy for Kimi's return to F1-tracks

A year ago Jean Todt went to Sweden to ask what Kimi Räikkönen's feelings are before the opening of WRC-season. Now he is smiling in Monte Carlo because Räikkönen is coming back to F1-tracks.

– I am happy for Kimi. I am happy that Kimi is happy. It's a splendid thing for F1 to get one WDC more to this year's season, Todt praised with a happy smile on his face to Turun Sanomat.

– First and foremost I wish Kimi good luck in the races.

The car decides Kimi's results

Does Todt believe that Räikkönen still does better in F1 than in WRC?

– Surely F1 is more of Kimi's own territory. There he is an expert. Of course the results depend upon the car he is driving with. If Kimi has a fast car he goes fast. If the car isn't that fast then he doesn't go that fast. Unfortunately, Todt thought.

Source: Turun Sanomat
Courtesy: Nicole