Thursday, January 26, 2012

Räikkönen bangs: Of course my goal is to win the WDC

Kimi Räikkönen doesn't make his F1-comeback with the tail between his legs. The man who is known as a silent hero told on Thursday in Zürich that he returns to F1 only to win his career's second WDC.

– Of course the championship is my goal. You always go after it but another WDC is not any obsession for me, Räikkönen said.

They have predicted Räikkönen a difficult season in Lotus-team after his rallying adventures, but the Iceman refuses to take the role of someone who is cooling off.

Räikkönen has often stated that as a racing driver he was only interested in the victories. That thought is still strong although Lotus isn't one of the top teams based upon preliminary estimations.

– I don't drive just because it's cool to drive. It's abnormal if you aren't reaching for victory.

– One can't be terribly happy over 2nd or 3rd positions. But it isn't possible to always win, one has to learn to relate to other things than just winning, Räikkönen said.

Tests in Jerez tell a lot

Despite his tough goal Räikkönen is not starting the season bragging. He was away for 2 years and one can't say much anything about the competitiveness of Lotus before they have tested the new car.

– It's possible that we are behind the lead. But the car wasn't terribly good on my last season in Ferrari either.

– In Lotus they know approximately what went wrong last season. Lets hope they have learned from their mistakes so we get a good package.

Räikkönen thinks he is wiser about his chances to succeed after the tests in Jerez.

– Usually the first tests with the new car tell what the pace is compared to others. If the car feels good right from the beginning then it's often also the most competitive car.

Source: MTV3
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