Friday, January 27, 2012

Relaxed driver, relaxed team

According to Kimi Räikkönen it's much more nicer in Lotus than it was in Ferrari and McLaren.

Kimi Räikkönen doesn't miss his boss Ron Dennis from his McLaren-times or Ferrari's boss Luca di Montezemolo.

He is already sure that the working peace between the driver and the team will maintain better in Lotus.

- This is a relaxed team. Much more homey and warmer than Ferrari or McLaren. So far I have had really fun with the crew from Lotus and I don't think that the situation will change, Räikkönen said yesterday.

Lotus is getting a new F1-simulator.

- It's going to be better than any other team has. I myself am not going to drive a lot in the simulator. Even if I would drive in the simulator all days I don't believe it would give any advantage in the final games.

Räikkönen is still trying to get permission from Lotus to drive some rallies this year also.

- One can get injured in normal life also but it's understandable that the team is trying to protect their drivers from dangerous hobbies. Maybe we can still reach unanimousity about the rally-matter at some stage.

It is still possible that Räikkönen would drive in Finland's WRC-rally in August.

No Red Bull -plans

According to Räikkönen Lotus isn't a stepping stone to Red Bull.

- I have no plans in Red Bull's direction, Kimi assured.

Räikkönen doesn't see Red Bull or Ferrari as any special challenge.

- If one wants to do well then one has to win everyone. Ferrari hasn't been in the top for a few years. For me it's just a team among other teams.

Source:Ilta-Sanomat (paper edition)

Courtesy: Nicole

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