Sunday, January 22, 2012

Todt is happy for Kimi's return to F1-tracks

A year ago Jean Todt went to Sweden to ask what Kimi Räikkönen's feelings are before the opening of WRC-season. Now he is smiling in Monte Carlo because Räikkönen is coming back to F1-tracks.

– I am happy for Kimi. I am happy that Kimi is happy. It's a splendid thing for F1 to get one WDC more to this year's season, Todt praised with a happy smile on his face to Turun Sanomat.

– First and foremost I wish Kimi good luck in the races.

The car decides Kimi's results

Does Todt believe that Räikkönen still does better in F1 than in WRC?

– Surely F1 is more of Kimi's own territory. There he is an expert. Of course the results depend upon the car he is driving with. If Kimi has a fast car he goes fast. If the car isn't that fast then he doesn't go that fast. Unfortunately, Todt thought.

Source: Turun Sanomat
Courtesy: Nicole

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