Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hamilton excited by 2011 car

Lewis Hamilton admits that his initial impressions of the MP4-26 are very positive, despite the fact that he hasn't actually driven it yet

Hamilton spent the day at the team's Woking headquarters working on a simulator and reveals that the car appears to be in good shape for next season even at this early stage.

"Lots of neat ideas and improvements," Hamilton said on his Twitter page.

"First time driving the new car and I was happy. KERS and rear wing is trick but felt right at home with it."

The Kers (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) system was put on the backburner for 2010 after making its debut in 2009 in an effort to cut costs, but the system is set to be re-introduced next season.

While Hamilton has experience using KERS in 2009, his team-mate Jenson Button does not as Button's team last year, Brawn GP, did not make use of the technology.

Despite this, Button is confident that McLaren will have a big advantage next season, in a large part due to their Mercedes engines.

"I've never driven with KERS before but this team used KERS last year and used it well. I know because they kept coming by me at the start," said Button.

"They have so much experience in that area that I think we'll have an advantage, as will Mercedes and Force India who use Mercedes engines. We'll have an advantage on Red Bull and Ferrari I think," added the 2009 World Champion.

Hamilton for one has no doubt the team will be well placed due to their KERS system.

"Our KERS is the best. It shud (should) deliver," he declared.

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Video: Finali Mondiali Ferrari 2010 in Valencia

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Räikkönen says Monte-Carlo is a classic

Ex-Formula One world champion Kimi Räikkönen has described Rallye Monte-Carlo, the opening round of next year’s Intercontinental Rally Challenge, as a “classic event” amid suggestions that the Finn could tackle the centenary edition of the rally.

Interest in the IRC qualifier has rocketed in recent weeks with organiser, the Automobile Club de Monaco, reporting requests for entries from more than 250 crews ahead of the 6 December deadline for registrations closing.

Räikkönen, who began rallying in 2009, said: “Actually I don’t have any plans fixed for next year yet but I would like to stay in rallying. Of course Monte Carlo is a really classic event for any rally driver but there’s nothing sorted.”

Thirty-one-year-old Räikkönen has some knowledge of the IRC: he attended Rallye International du Valais in Switzerland in 2008 to visit his friend and countryman Anton Alén, who was competing on the one-time IRC round in an Abarth Grande Punto Super 2000. Räikkönen even took time out of his schedule to have an impromptu seat fitting.

Rallye Monte-Carlo takes place from 18-22 January, 2011. It has formed the opening round of the IRC for the past two seasons.

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Kovalainen in bed with heavy concussion

Heikki Kovalainen has been ordered to bed for a few days to nurse "heavy concussion" sustained at the weekend in Germany.

After clipping a wall, the Lotus driver crashed at the start of the Race of Champions evening in Dusseldorf when the throttle of his Audi R8 stuck open.

Finn Kovalainen, 29, was knocked unconscious for 30 seconds and sent to hospital for checks.

He then had some more checks in Switzerland on Monday and confirmed that he was "put to bed at home as a precaution" due to "heavy concussion" and a headache.

Kovalainen wrote on Twitter that he will have more tests in the next few days "as (my) head took a big hit".

His girlfriend and passenger Catherine Hyde was also injured in the crash, confirming a hairline fracture of her pelvis and hip, and damaged leg muscles.

"Both of us (are) on bed rest for a while," she said.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Show Car Run Berlin - Sebastian Vettel - Clip

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The Vettel Diaries: ‘A truly perfect Saturday’

Sebastian Vettel reflects on an action-packed day that saw him thrill crowds in both Berlin and Dusseldorf...


What an unbelievable Saturday. I had pictured the day in my mind, but once again, reality beat imagination. We rocked Berlin and Berlin rocked us, it was just incredible. Just the fact that so many fans came despite the freezing cold weather was proof of their support and how much they liked what we did through the season.

Personally, it was a dream come true yesterday. How often do you get the chance to drive towards the Brandenburg Gate in a Formula 1 car and leave your very own signature in rubber grit? There were moments where I wanted to ask someone if they could pinch me because everything felt so unreal. I think I will only believe it once I see all the pictures. It was just amazing.

I was also glad that Smudo (Fantastische Vier) and Chris Pfeiffer were supporting me once again after the show run in Heppenheim. They entertained the crowd and had so much fun themselves. What I probably enjoyed the most was running down the crowd, writing autographs and thanking the fans. Each and every one of them is responsible for me being where I am now.

So, Berlin itself was so great that I hardly wanted to leave. But in the evening there was the next big event, the Race of Champions Nation Cup, in which I teamed up with Michael Schumacher to defend our title.

After all it was a good decision to come back to Dusseldorf. Not only because Michael was able to beat the British in the last round, but because we were able to celebrate our fourth title in a row in front of our home crowd. The fans in the ESPRIT arena were just incredible and created a unique atmosphere. I really enjoyed it – it was a truly perfect Saturday.

Today we'll go in the individual rounds!

Cross your fingers for me!


Source: Red Bull

Finali Ferrari Mondiali 2010 Valencia 2010: Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Stefano Domenicali & Giancarlo Fisichella

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ferrari Finali Mondiali 2010: grand finale in Valencia

Today, Valencia’s Ricardo Tormo circuit hosted the last day of the Ferrari Finali Mondiali, the special event, which for the past eighteen years has given fans from all over the world the opportunity to see gathered together those involved in all Ferrari’s racing and sporting activities. This morning on track were the F430s entered in the Italian, European and North American Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli, fighting it out for the world title. Also in action were the historic cars taking part in the Ferrari Historic Race –Trofeo Shell. The busy programme also featured untimed sessions for the historic single-seaters run by Maranello’s F1 Clienti department and the FXX and 599 XX, entered in the eponymous development programmes.

Once again today, it fell to the runners in the Ferrari Historic Race – Trofeo Shell to get the day’s action underway, taking to the track for the second and final race. Pierangelo Masselli in a Ferrari 308 GTB made the best getaway off the grid, going straight into the lead, which he was able to keep all the way to the chequered flag. Second was Christian Chavy in his F40, while the third step on the podium went to Canada’s Lorne Leibel in a 365 GTB4.

Spectacular passing moves and plenty of action were the key ingredients of the final races in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli, to crown the world champion from among entrants in the Italian, European and North American series. The Trofeo Pirelli race saw the title go to Philipp Baron, who was already European champion: behind the Baron Service driver came Max Blancardi (Motor/Malucelli) and Riccardo Ragazzi (Ineco/MP,) while in the Coppa Shell for gentleman drivers, the sought after title went to Flavio Pierleoni, in the Ferrari entered by the Motor/Malucelli team, who crossed the line first ahead of newly-crowned Italian champion, Andrea Rizzoli (Motor/Piacenza) and Aleksandr Skryabin (Ferrari Moscow.)

Once the excitement of the racing was over, it was the turn of the competitors in the GT championships and Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro to put on an amazing show: the crowd of around fifteen thousand spectators witnessed Fernando Alonso driving the Monoposta Corsa Indianapolis, which dates from 1954 and Felipe Massa piloting a 1957 500 TRC. These two splendid historic cars were first on track, followed by another jewel of the Ferrari Classiche department, the ’61 250 California, driven by Ferrari President, Luca di Montezemolo, with alongside him, Emilio Botin, president of the Santander Bank. Bringing the first parade to an end were three Ferrari Californias, with Ferrari Managing Director, Amedeo Felisa joined by the drivers, Giancarlo Fisichella, Luca Badoer, Marc Gene and Alvaro Barba.

As is traditional, the key moment of the parade was the appearance on track of President Montezemolo to salute the fans, when he took the opportunity to thank the team and driver for their efforts this year.

Next, the Grand Touring drivers, Alvaro Barba and Pierre Kaffer, took turns at the wheel of the F430 GT2, run by the AF Corse team, which won the drivers and team titles in the Spanish International GT Open series, as well as two more Ferraris driven by Gimmi Bruni, Jaime Melo and Toni Vilander, as used by the Risi Competizione and AF Corse teams in the prestigious LMS and ALMS championships. Bringing the curtain down on the celebrations were Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso at the wheel of two F10s, with Luca Badoer driving an F60, completing several laps of the track, as well as simulating pit stops, prior to the traditional photo with all those who had taken part in the four days of Spanish action, before one final farewell to the celebratory crowd.

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Kimi’s Column: Tricky season, but great fun

Review 2010

Well, the rally season 2010 is over. It was a tough year. Trying to learn the WRC car and eleven completely new rallies during the season was a huge challenge for a rookie like me. But it was a great fun, too.

I liked the new experience very much, indeed. It was as difficult as we could expect, but I have all but negative feelings going though it.

It was a season full of ups and downs. There were some good times, there were some bad times. But that’s how it usually goes in the world of motor sports. Obviously, there were some people expecting us to make miracles after a couple of first rallies. But, in the end of the day, there was no reason to wait for more from this rookie season of mine.

We finished the last rally in Wales. It feels good every time you finish a race. The Rally of Britain was a truly challenging one. We’ve got storm, rain, ice-slippery roads, no sight ahead from time to time. It was an adventure and to finish it with some points was a nice finish for this WRC season.

It was also the end of an era for these WRC cars. They are really great cars and it was a privilege to have a season with them, too.

Obviously, the season offered many different kind of rally roads. The tarmac doesn’t mean tarmac like it is in Formula One. It’s only semi-tarmac every time, while there is so much gravel and dirt on the road. Coming in as from circuit racing the only real asphalts were those short show stages in the cities.

The RedBull Citroen WRC team keeps winning the championships. They are true professionals in and out. You have to give the highest note for them every time for their effort.

Now it’s time for a break. I chill out with friends and my family like I usually do in this time of the year. I’ll keep training and keep having fun in motor racing. The Christmas time is coming and I plan to spend that peaceful period at home, like always.

For the next year we continue talking to people. When we have something signed and sealed, we tell you.

Thank you all fans for the support and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The race goes on 2011.


Finali Mondiali 2010 - Gala event

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Kimi Raikkonen, Tommi Mäkinen and Kari Tiainen to Kärme Kustaa!

Rumors about Kimi Räikkönen's, Tommi Mäkinen's and Kari Tiainen's participation in Kärme Kustaa Business Class has this time not been created by the media. Kari Tiainen just confirmed that the patrol will participate in the competition.

The World Champions have seen much trouble in getting Kärme Kustaa to fit into their busy calendars.

The Formula One World Champion, current rally driver Kimi Raikkonen has been linked to Kari Tiainen and the Motocross-championship serie during the last days. According to Tiainen the Kärme Kustaa project started a long time ago.

The story is the same as most in the Kärme Kustaa -patrol have - The ancient Finnish daring and usually these gravel kings have also kept their word. As a consequence of the last dare Tiainen and Mäkinen both tested on gravel which vehicle is faster, motorcycle or car.

Makinen won that bet but this time the men work together or rather pull up the same bike from the swamp.

The whole champion-trio has a motorcycling background. Kimi Räikkönen's genre is motocross in addition to the four-wheeled. Tommi Mäkinen and Kari Tiainen are way more experienced enduro-men.

Four time rally world champion Tommi Makinen participated in Päijänne Ympäriajo in 2009. It's needless to repeat the seven times champion Kari Tiainen's merits in enduro.

The freezing weather seems to promise a route with fast speed. In Hämeenlinna there's about 10-15 cm of snow. You still have a couple of days to put together your own team and test your speed with the most famous Finnish motorsportmen. The registration ends on 28/11/2010.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Seb to 'rock Berlin' in 'Randy Mandy'

New World Champion Sebastian Vettel will fulfill another dream on Saturday when he drives his Red Bull Formula One car down Berlin's Fan Mile and in front of the iconic Brandenburg Gate

The 23-year-old, who became the youngest F1 Champ when he won his fifth race of the season nearly two weeks ago, will drive his car - dubbed 'Randy Mandy' - through the German capital.

Vettel's Red Bull team have organised the event which will see Germany's new Champion go full throttle in front of the capital city's most famous landmark.

"When I am World Champion, I want to drive my 'Randy Mandy' along the largest fan zone in Germany," Vettel has said in the past.

"I will rock Berlin."

Vettel will be on a tight schedule: the planned two-hour celebrations in Berlin start at 12pm (11am GMT), but he will then fly to Duesseldorf to team up with Michael Schumacher for the Race of Champions on Saturday night.

Traditionally, Berlin's Fan Mile, between the Brandenburg Gate and Yitzhak-Rabin Strasse in the city centre, is only used when Germany's football team celebrate and was last used when the Germans reached the Euro 2008 final.

Since winning his title in Abu Dhabi, Vettel has been on a whirlwind tour.

Around 15,000 fans cheered on the new Champion in his home town of Heppenheim, 60km from Frankfurt, last Sunday after he flew in by helicopter following two days of tyre testing in Abu Dhabi.

Source: Planet-F1

Potty-mouthed Lewis forced to apologise

Lewis Hamilton has finally joined the world of Twitter, but he has already found himself in a spot of bother

The McLaren driver signed up to the social networking site earlier this month, but he was forced to apologise for using foul language earlier this week.

On Tuesday evening Hamilton tweeted 'To those of you who care, thanks for your support, am on here for you. To all you haters... I just don't give a f*** haha' after his writing style was mocked by followers.

He was forced to change his tune and re-tweeted the following: 'Aight, to my young peeps I apologise for the language. Am not venting, I'm always chill. Was not aimed at u. God bless.

'lol is an understatement. This twitter thing is funny. So many people getting all stressed n what not:)'

A day later he had another message to the "others".

'To my people(I prefer to say that than fans)I've got nothing but love for u guys..to the others...all I can do is smile..picture me rollin!'

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Ecclestone injured in London mugging

MUGGERS punched and kicked Bernie Ecclestone to the ground as they grabbed a £200,000 haul from the Formula One boss and his Brazilian girlfriend

The pint-size billionaire, 80, was rushed to hospital with a head injury after the ambush - on his doorstep.

Four robbers were lying in wait at 10.30pm as he and new love Fabiana Flosi, 31, arrived at the F1 tycoon's central London HQ, where he has a spectacular eighth-floor penthouse overlooking Hyde Park.

Terrified lawyer Fabiana - who is also a sports marketing agent and model - watched helplessly as her mega-rich boyfriend was battered. Both were ordered to remove watches and jewellery.

Cops raced to the Knightsbridge HQ of the tycoon's business empire Formula One Holdings but the gang had fled with the loot.

Mr Ecclestone was taken to hospital where he was treated for what was described as a "minor" injury. Hours later he was defiantly back at work.

A red mark was visible on his right hand as his chauffeur dropped him at a meeting yesterday.

Fabiana was described as having been left "shaken".

Scotland Yard's Robbery Squad was last night hunting the muggers, whose haul included diamond rings. The same gang is feared to be behind a string of attacks on the rich and famous.

A senior police source said: "There can be little doubt this was a targeted robbery because of who Mr Ecclestone is.

The muggers were callous and showed little regard for the victims. They need to be caught."

Mr Ecclestone last year divorced his wife Slavica, 53. The couple have two grown-up daughters. As well as his penthouse and a string of properties around the world he has kept the family's £10million mansion in Chelsea Square.

Four years ago thieves swooped after he parked a brand new Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG outside. The car - said to be the first in Britain - had two of its wheels nicked.

Source: The Sun

Kovalainen confirms staying at Lotus in 2011

Heikki Kovalainen has given the strongest sign yet that he is staying at Lotus for 2011.

The Malaysian team is yet to confirm its driver lineup for next year, but it is expected that Finn Kovalainen and fellow grand prix winner Jarno Trulli are staying put.

Kovalainen told Finland’s Turun Sanomat that he is expecting the new outfit to take a major step forward in 2011: "That’s why I chose this team," said the former Renault and McLaren driver.

"It was a risk at the time to go with an entirely new team, but I’m happy with the choice that I made and what we achieved this season," added the 29-year-old.

Lotus Racing, likely to field an entirely new name for 2011, will be powered by a Renault engine fitted to a Red Bull gearbox next season.

"Expectations are high," admitted Kovalainen. "It would be a disappointment if we did not make a step forward."

The team’s technical boss Mike Gascoyne confirmed that Lotus is happy with Kovalainen.

"We always had confidence in Heikki and he delivered for us what we expected from him," he said.

"He performed well and he’s also a nice guy, making it very enjoyable for the team to work with him," added Gascoyne.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kimi's rally contract might take a long time

Turun Sanomat 25.11 2010 20:31:27

More than one rumour has been dwelling around the 31-year old Finn driver Kimi Raikkonen's doings next year.

Steve Robertson has together with his father David Robertson worked hard to ensure their protégé a job as good as possible for season 2011.

- Of course we've always wanted to decide about the next season sooner than later. Sometimes it's just not possible. Hopefully we will know something by the end of November, in which direction we are going, Robertson describes the situation to Turun Sanomat.

- Kim's mind is though in rally, the manager says.

Does Kimi's negotiating department have any more links to F1?

- We have not talked with anyone in F1. Kimi has not closed the door to F1. Never say never if the right offer still would come, Robertson said.

Santander made some room for Fernando Alonso in Ferrari for this year already and Raikkonen had to pack his suitcase in Maranello.

How does Robertson think that Kimi would have done in Alonso's car?

- I think that Kimi would have done pretty much the same way as Fernando did. Fernando drove a great season and I don't want to take anything away from it. Don't take this the wrong way but I think that Kimi would also have a done a good job with that car.

- The whole Ferrari team always works hard as a team. At one stage it looked like Ferrari will lose their position in Championship-battle but they hit back again. That team always fights and that's why they always fight until the end for the championship, Robertson said.

Then what about Räikkönen's first WRC-season seen from the manager's point of view?

- It was as difficult in every way as we expected also. The switch from F1 to WRC requires a lot and getting used to it takes a long time. From Kimi's point of view it was unfortunate that he made the switch as a F1-champion and it lifted the outsiders' expectations up in the roof. They thought that let's give him a couple of rallies and after that we get results.

- One has to be a realist. Success in rally is directly based upon the experience you gain there - not on experience from some other serie.Kimi's competitors have rallied throughout their whole life. Kimi again has raced single-seaters all his life. The difference is like night and day.

- It requires a lot of getting used to so that you learn to drive with the co-driver based upon what you hear and not based upon what you see like in F1, Robertson says.

Turun Sanomat


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Petrov reveals Alonso fans defaced website

Vitaly Petrov has revealed that fans of Ferrari and Fernando Alonso littered his official Facebook page with insults and abuse.

"Many people cursed me, saying I had blocked Alonso," admitted the Russian driver.

Renault's Petrov played a pivotal role in the outcome of the 2010 world championship when points leader Alonso could not pass him during the Abu Dhabi finale earlier this month.

After the race, Alonso waved angrily at the 26-year-old rookie, and he now tells Germany's Bild newspaper that many of the Spaniard's supporters were similarly abusive.

But he insisted: "It's nonsense, I did nothing wrong. For 39 laps I was in front of him but no one told me on the radio that I was helping Sebastian be world champion.

"Even if he had (passed), he also had to pass Rosberg. I drove my own race and Ferrari made a tactical error," added Petrov, who dismissed Alonso's post-race gesticulations as "bad manners".

Alonso's failure to pass Petrov meant that Sebastian Vettel was able to close a big points margin to the Spaniard and secure the 2010 title.

"He deserves it," Petrov said, referring to Vettel. "The newspapers said it was a miracle, but it was his hard work."

Bild asked Petrov if the new world champion had congratulated him personally for his role in the title outcome.

"He doesn't have my phone number," answered the Russian. "But I saw that he wrote on his website to his fans that he was grateful to me."

Source: Motorsport

Ferrari: We got it wrong

Ferrari technical director Aldo Costa said Fernando Alonso lost the World Championship in Abu Dhabi because the team decided to play it safe with their strategy

Alonso headed into the final race of the season with an eight-point lead in the Drivers' standings but eventually lost out to Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel.

While the German led from the front at the Yas Marina circuit to eventually claim victory and also become F1's youngest ever Champion, Ferrari decided to follow Red Bull's lead in pitting Alonso's nearest challenger, Vettel's team-mate Mark Webber, early.

Webber and Alonso stopped for tyres at the start of laps 12 and 16 respectively but the tactic backfired when both became stuck behind cars that had stopped even earlier behind the safety car.

Alonso and Webber tried and failed to pass Renault's Vitaly Petrov for 40 laps and eventually finished seventh and eighth respectively.

The Spaniard, who needed to finish fourth in the race, ultimately lost the crown to Vettel by just four points.

Costa told Italy's La Repubblica: "We got it wrong. We didn't approach the race to do our best but to obtain an average result that would have been sufficient.

"And when you do that a little thing, a 'Petrov', a safety car, comes along and everything falls apart.

"Never again," he added.

Costa said the mood in the Ferrari garage when they realised their title hopes had gone was bleak.

"When Fernando crossed the line we were all frozen. For five or 10 minutes we stared at the monitor," he said.

"No one budged, no one took off their helmets. No one spoke. No one wanted to accept the reality."

Costa admitted that Ferrari "made impulsive and erroneous decisions" in deciding to pit Alonso early but also criticised the relationship between Red Bull and sister team Toro Rosso.

Both are backed by the Austrian energy drink brand, with Webber easily getting past Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersuari after his stop before getting stuck behind Alonso and Petrov.

In conclusion, Costa insisted that responsibilty for Ferrari's failure in Abu Dhabi should not fall on the shoulders of one team member alone.

"Let's be clear, we didn't lose the Championship because of our strategy in Abu Dhabi, but because our car was too slow," he added.

Source: Planet-F1

Räikkönen and Meeke could be team players

Former Formula One World champion Kimi Räikkönen is being linked to a role alongside Ulsterman Kris Meeke in the new BMW Mini rally team.

The Finn, champion in 2007, was the highest paid driver in F1 before being displaced at Ferrari by Fernando Alonso at the end of the 2009 season.

Rather than move to another team, he switched to rallying and has been part of the Citroen junior team this season, mixing accidents with fast stage times.

Despite stories suggesting a return to F1 next season, Raikkonen has insisted he wants to continue in rallying and now is poised to test the new Prodrive-developed Mini Countryman which will make its World championship bow in the Spring of next year.

Meeke, the 2009 Intercontinental Challenge champion, is the first driver signed by the team but is expected to be joined shortly by Dani Sordo, World champion Sebastien Loeb’s No.2 at Citroen. But Mini, it seems, are interested in Raikkonen as well. Prodrive managing director Richard Taylor said: “Kimi has brought a lot of profile into the WRC so of course he would be of interest to any manufacturer.”

Apart from Räikkönen’s profile there are other reasons for Mini’s interest.

He would come with personal sponsorship from Red Bull — as does Meeke — and the four-wheel-drive Mini Countryman road cars are built in Austria, home of the energy drink company’s founder, Dietrich Mateschitz.

The Mini is also the company’s promotional vehicle of choice. Red Bull are committed to one further year of sponsorship with Citroen but a switch to Mini would coincide with the team’s full assault on the World championship in 2012.

Meeke, meanwhile, has said he would be happy to see Spaniard Sordo join the team.

Currently continuing the Mini development programme in Sardinia, he said: “Apart from the fact we have been friends since out Junior World championship days and have worked together regularly on Citroen’s test days, Dani has good knowledge of the new Citroen DS3 and would bring that expertise with him.

“There are not many guys around with his experience of the new breed of cars which will appear in the World championship next season. He would be a good addition to the team.”

Former World champion Marcus Gronholm had been expected to join the team. But the Finn has changed his mind, saying he “doesn’t want to do a Michael Schumacher.”

Source: Belfast Telegraph

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

formula1.ferrari.com publishes Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro 2010 Season Review

Maranello, 24 November - formula1.ferrari.com publishes the 2010 season review, a "virtual book", which can be downloaded to relive the entire 2010 season, with the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro as a main protagonist in an exciting Championship, with an exceptional recovery and an unfortunately missed victory.

Six chapters around the 2010 World Championship with wins, difficult moments, the epilogue in Abu Dhabi and further sections dedicated to technical in-depth articles. 28 drawings by Giorgio Piola with virtual animations of the F10's various components, four specials about the most important issues of the season such as pit stop and new rules, also explained in a video by Marc Gené, the complicated logistical aspects and the celebration of the 800th Grand Prix for Ferrari. A detailed section with a list from 1950 until today concludes the review, with Formula 1 models Ferrari used in the pinnacle of motorsports since the beginning of the F1 Championship.

Over 120 extraordinary images and more than 25 parts with multimedia content on the different pages, enriching the texts in the sections turning reading into real pleasure. The protagonists statements are combined with comments from the fans, who followed and supported the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro during the whole season in the Communitys forum as well as on Facebook and via Twitter. As of today the review's first part is online, followed by the other issues covered in upcoming sections, completing the 2010 Championship review.

Source: Ferrari.com

Alonso has congratulated Vettel 'repeatedly' - report

The Italian press has leapt to the defence of Fernando Alonso, following media reports that he has so far refused to congratulate F1's new world champion Sebastian Vettel.

Widespread German reports in recent days quoted Vettel, whilst on a triumphant return to his hometown Heppenheim last week, as saying "He (Alonso) still has not congratulated me".

Asked to explain Alonso's cool, Vettel added: "Someone from Heppenheim took the title from him."

But a report in Italy's authoritative daily sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport insists that the Ferrari driver "in fact congratulated him (Vettel) repeatedly in the press".

Alonso said in an interview with the broadcaster Rai that he is already looking ahead.

"There's definitely a lot of sadness but at the same time thinking that 2011 will arrive soon when we can win as we know we can," he said.

Alonso said his and Ferrari's disappointment at missing out on the 2010 title is "normal".

"It happens when you are second in any sport; Wimbledon, (French Open tennis) Roland Garros, the World Cup, NBA -- there is always a feeling of sadness.

"From 2011, I am expecting a lot. 2009 was a difficult year for Ferrari but now we are back in form, the worst is over."

As for the title winner Vettel, he insisted: "He was the fastest of all, with 10 pole positions and some mechanical problems that took points away from him, but he won in the end.

"Congratulations, but we hope that next year is more difficult for him," added Alonso.

Source: Motorsport.com

Räikkönen busy putting up a World Cup team in Fuengirola?

Tuesday, 23.11.2010 at 23.16

Räikkönen's motocross team is expected to be located in Costa del Sol.

Will Kimi become a team manager in Costa del Sol?

It was reported already earlier in the week that Kimi Raikkonen is planning to put up a motocross team.

Now Fuengirola.fi site reported that Räikkönen has been seen in Fuengirola watching places with multi world champion Kari Tiainen.

Tiainen owns big bike-teams on Fuengirola's and Mijas' borderline where the terrains offer good opportunities for training for motocross.

According to Fuengirola.fi Riku Kuvaja has been seen in Fuengirola.

Source: IL
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

F1 2007 world champion Kimi Räikkönen takes eighth place in Crash.net's 2010 top ten World Rally drivers

Crash.net's World Rally top ten: 8th

8 – Kimi Räikkönen

Many people might have expected more from Kimi Raikkonen this year, but those that did have little understanding of just how big a challenge the Finn faced switching from F1 to the World Rally Championship.

The difference between the two is night and day - and when the former Ferrari and McLaren man started his new adventure he had only done a handful of rallies and only one with the Citroen C4 WRC.

Despite that though, he scored on only his third outing in the 2010 World Rally Championship, when he was eighth in Jordan.

He then followed that up with a fifth in Turkey – what would turn out to be his best result of the season – and a tenth in Portugal, a very solid three-event

While he would only take two more points finishes - with a seventh in Germany, including his very first stage win, albeit on the 4.37 km event ending super special and an eighth in GB, which he admitted was probably the toughest round of the season, he didn't disgrace himself.

Yes, he did have a number of offs and failed to finish in Mexico, Japan and France and his over-exuberance got the better of him in Spain, when he binned it in the pre-event shakedown. But at least that showed he was really going for it and if he does continue in 2011, he should be able to put this year's experience to good use.

“This has definitely been the most challenging year of my career and Britain was one of the most difficult rallies I competed on, mostly because of the changing grip all the time,” Kimi said after the finale in Wales. “Like everything else, this has been a completely new experience for me.

“Looking back on 2010, this season has been more or less as I expected it to be: we've made a few mistakes but we've also learned a lot.

“Generally speaking I'm happy with the progress we've made... and I've had a lot of fun as well, so I'm very grateful to Red Bull and Citroen Racing for all the opportunities that we've enjoyed this year."

Statistics – Kimi Räikkönen:

Citroën Junior Team
Car: Citroën C4 WRC

Championship position: 10th
Points: 25

Events: 12 (out of 13)*
Victories: 0
Podiums: 0
Stages wins: 1
Best result: 5th (Turkey)
Points finishes: 5

* Did not start in Spain following a crash in the pre-event shakedown

Crash.net's Top 10 World Rally drivers' of 2010:
8. Kimi Raikkonen
9. Armindo Araujo (Wild Card)
10. Xavier Pons (Wild Card)

Honourable mention: Aaron Burkart (for winning the J-WRC – just!)

What do you think of Crash.net's Top 10 World Rally drivers' for 2010? Why not post a comment now and give us your thoughts.

Also look out for our poll coming soon where you can vote on who you think was the best in 2010...

Source: Crash.net

Räikkönen was in the States - interested in Nascar

Kimi Räikkönen followed last weekend a race in Nascar in the United States.

Nascar-season ended on Sunday on Homestad's oval-track in Florida. The last race of the season was also followed by Räikkönen who was there.

They have been rumouring in rally-circles for some time that Raikkonen could race some Nascar-races in addition to rally next season.

IS Sports reached Riku Kuvaja on Tuesday morning and he said that the trip to America had nothing to do with Räikkönen's plans for next year.

- It was just a holiday trip. We only watched the race since we happened to be there, Kuvaja said.

In Florida Raikkonen was seen in the company of Nascar-series star designer Eric Warren among others.

Source: Ilta-Sanomat

Courtesy: Nicole



Vettel: Alonso has yet to congratulate me

Although Fernando Alonso did say congrats in his post-Abu Dhabi press release, Seb Vettel has revealed that the Spaniard has yet to say it personally

Vettel beat Alonso to the 2010 World Championship at the final hurdle in Abu Dhabi, winning the grand prix to take the title by four points ahead of the Spaniard.

Since then it's been a wirlwind week for the 23-year-old, who has been to Austria, England, back to Abu Dhabi for a two-day Pirelli test and then on to his hometown of Heppenheim in Germany.
And although he spent the two-day Pirelli test in the same vacinity as Alonso, Vettel says the Ferrari driver never came over to congratulate him.

"He still has not congratulated me," Vettel told AFP when asked if the Alonso had contacted him.
But, Alonso's lack of personal greeting side, Vettel says this past week has been one of the most amazing of his life as he settles down to life as a Formula One World Champ.

However, he still can't quite believe that it's real even after being greeted by 15,000 screaming fans during a homecoming celebration in Heppenheim, Germany.

"I have been hoping all the time that I don't wake up from this," he said. "It's all a bit unreal for me, it seems my face was on the front page of every German newspaper.

"I find it all a bit hard to take in, because at the end of the day, I am just a normal boy."

Source: Planet-F1

Monday, November 22, 2010

F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel celebrates his title in Heppenheim

Source: NextgenAutoVideos

Vettel can break new contract if Red Bull stops winning

Dietrich Mateschitz has invited Sebastian Vettel to sign a long-term contract guaranteeing him a competitive car each season.
New world champion Vettel remains under contract only to the end of next year, and last week he nominated Ferrari and Mercedes as "the past, present and certainly the future of Formula One".

"But this (move) is still a long way away," he wrote in a column for Bild newspaper.

Red Bull mogul Mateschitz thinks Red Bull is safe so long as it continues to deliver the young German a top car.

"If not, we would let him go even if he had a contract," he told Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

And Mateschitz told the Cologne tabloid Express: "Seb wants to drive for Ferrari some day. We will make it as difficult a decision for him as possible."

Dr Helmut Marko stood on the podium with Vettel in Abu Dhabi, and even he admits that the lure of Ferrari for a F1 driver is strong.

But the Austrian does not think the Italian team will want to "hurt" Fernando Alonso by pitting the Spaniard against Vettel any time soon.

"We all know the political sensitivities at Ferrari. And he (Vettel) has seen with us that he has a comfort factor.

"He needs a team that doesn't throw a knife in your back at the sign of trouble," said Marko, Red Bull's motor racing consultant.

"Let's be clear: there is not going to be a ten-year contract, because we are not able to guarantee we will have a competitive car for that long. And Sebastian cannot guarantee that he will always be comfortable with us.

"But in the medium term, the next three or four years, we are firmly planning to be with him," he revealed.

Source: Motorsport.com

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photos: Sebastian Vettel visits Heppenheim

Sebastian Vettel visits his home town Heppenheim

Monza worried F1 will choose Rome over them

Organisers of the historic Italian grand prix are worried plans to take formula one to Rome will leave historic Monza without a race.

Both the Italian capital and Bernie Ecclestone insist the plans for a street race in the EUR district are no threat to Monza, but officials of the high speed Autodromo Nazionale are not so confident.

"Amid a globalisation of grands prix, each country will inevitably be allowed to stage only one" and "since Rome is the capital, I'm afraid we'd lose the grand prix forever," Monza boss Enrico Ferrari told Bloomberg.

The Rome city council is due to meet this month to consider how to proceed with its F1 bid.

"Rome is known around the world for its history and landmarks, but we need an event that projects an image of Rome that's not just about museums," said city mayor Gianni Alemanno.

"We want to project a modern image and formula one would help us do that."

F1 chief executive Ecclestone insists there is no deal yet.

"We haven't got a contract yet for the event," said the Briton. "As soon as they get that, yes, yes, we can have a race, then let's see if we can make it happen."

Ecclestone said a deal with Rome would not necessarily be bad news for Monza.

"We have two events at the moment in Spain," he explained. "Let's wait and see. It's still early days."

Monza mayor Marco Mariani admitted he is worried.

"Politically speaking, Rome is far stronger than us," he said.

Source: Auto123

Kimi Räikkönen Day 2 at Wales Rally GB 2010

Source: Anelise30

Räikkönen will found a team in Motocross WC-serie

Vauhdin Maailma November, paper edition

Kimi Räikkönen who has gone through a hard school this season in WRC-serie doesn't fear new challenges. According to very reliable sources Vauhdin Maailma has got Räikkönen is founding a Finnish team to motocross WC-serie 2011.

The project is called "Team Räikkönen" and it has been prepared behind the scenes for a longer time. The goal is to have two Finnish drivers out of which one would be in the toughest MX1-serie and the other one in MX2-serie.

Räikkönen's motocross team will compete with KTM-bikes. Very respectable and skillfull persons are involved in the team's operative activity, for example 7-time world champion Kari Tiainen.

Räikkönen himself has been asking the promising super talent Harri Kullas as a driver to his team but the 18-year old biker already has a signed contract for next season with another team so the cooperation will not come true. At the moment on top of Räikkönen's list is Toni Eriksson, a recent MX1-serie's national champion who won on the side the MX3-serie's WC-start and also Ludde Söderberg who got a trophy from MX2-serie's national serie and who won a race in Europe's start. Also Antti Pyrhönen has been included and the young promise Juuso Matikainen hasn't either been excluded from the game.

Kimi Räikkönen is not going to compete in the serie himself although he is known as an enthusiastic hobby-motocrossbiker. In the background he has an unselfish will to help Finns rise to the top again in one of our most traditional successful sports. It has been too long since for example Heikki Mikkola, Pekka Vehkonen or Miska Aaltonen held up Finland's flag in international cross-arenas.

Motorsport Federation's CEO Kurt Ljungqvist confirmed to Vauhdin Maailma that the rumours about Team Räikkönen's plans for the motocross WC-serie are true.

- I have helped so much in this matter that I asked the International Motorsport Federation if there would be a place for a new team like this immediately. The reply was quick and straightforward; no problems, it can be arranged, Ljungqvist tells.

- We are talking about a very serious project. Why wouldn't it come true? Especially when thinking about how tough professionals are involved in this starting from Kari Tiainen.

The funding won't be a problem since they have Räikkönen's fortune over tens of millions. It's also clear that the F1-champion's name will significantly help in getting sponsors for the team and the drivers. According to Ljungqvist it costs about 500.000 euros per season to run a team with two bikes in motocross.

- It's the input for the first year when nothing isn't ready yet and they have to get everything starting from bikes to garage-tents. After that it's much more cheaper to run a top team.

Vauhdin Maailma didn't get hold of Kimi Räikkönen for his comment on the matter.

Olli Koivusalo

Courtesy: Nicole

Saturday, November 20, 2010

In pictures: Pirelli tyre testing at Yas Marina Final Day

Test F1 - Abu Dhabi / Pirelli - 20/11

Source: NextgenAuto