Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kimi is back: to comb the dolls?

From Leo Turrini: January 24, 2012

Another play of drums.

Today the Holy Drinker concludes his Come Back on the track of Valencia.

Did he return to comb the dolls?

However, since this issue affects so many, mainly Abraham Maximo Lider Nuestro, here is a little 'insider trading.

1) The Blond got on Sunday evening a text message of congratulations. Sender: Fernando Alonso.

2) The Blond also got a call from the Domi.

3) Räikkönen said to the former Lotus engineers at Renault that the most important thing for him is to be able to drive a lot with a lot of fuel on board. Up to the end of 2009 F1 allowed fuel-supplies so it's necessary for him to adapt to a different driving style.

4) For Finnish mutual friends the Holy Drinker explained that his new career in F1 'will last at least five seasons'.

5) Kimi has also referred to his medium-term outlook. He wants to get some leverage with Lotus to make it clear to the top teams (obviously excluding Ferrari) that soon he is a changed driver, who in short will be under the banner of 'better use safe instead of a new phony '.

6) The Blond reasonably thinks that the Lotus would get a good result with the car, among the Top 5.

7) My nephew has always been the same, he even ignores the existence of Alonso and Formula One, and he raised a delicate question which I'll quickly summarize. Is Born To Be Mr. Abraham more unknown than Mr. Räikkönen? Is he afraid?

8) Ah, the innocence of children ...

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