Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lewis Hamilton records secret R&B album

Lewis Hamilton doesn't spend his free time watching Top Gear or playing Out Run

He's been secretly renting a top west London studio to record R&B tracks.

The McLaren F1 star is a huge music fan and wanted the opportunity to lay down some of his own material using state-of-the-art facilities — which have also been used by superstars including Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue.

But sadly we won't be hearing any of his singing. It's just for his own pleasure.

A source said: "Not many people know Lewis has been making music in his spare time.

"He's really into his R&B and has been cutting lots of songs that fit in with his taste. At the moment he's fully focused on F1 so it's unlikely any of the tracks will be made public.

"But he's had good feedback from the few people who have heard them."

Lewis has been renting the whole complex to ensure he's not spotted by anyone.

It costs a few bob but the millionaire former world champion is hardly short of cash.

It's a shame he doesn't fancy handing out some of his CDs to radio stations, or even posting tracks online.

He wouldn't be the first F1 driver to try pop stardom.

Another former world champion, Jacques Villeneuve released an album in 2007 called Private Paradise.

Naturally it bombed — but that shouldn't put Lewis off.

Other sportsmen at the top of their game have had more success in the music biz. Boxer Manny Pacquiao released a cover of ballad Sometimes When We Touch, which got to No19 in the US Billboard Charts this year.

And who could forget Paul Gasgoigne's collaboration with Lindisfarne in 1990, when Fog On The Tyne reached No2 in the UK charts?

If a pop career isn't for Lewis, at least he will have plenty of driving music to listen to when he's bombing around the track.

It'll make a nice change from listening to The Chain by Fleetwood Mac on repeat for 60-odd laps.
Source: The Sun

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