Monday, November 28, 2011

The countdown continues

It boils in the Finnish driver market because Kimi Räikkönen's sensational comeback just keeps on going on and on. They don't whisper a thing in Williams whereas they tell straightly from Renault again that they are negotiating. Neither formula necessarily promises anything.

In principle one doesn't have to leave it up to Räikkönen when it comes to filling driver seats. Williams has at the least as their Plan B to put Valtteri Bottas racing, now that they have in addition to sponsor money also the assurance of his performance in Abu Dhabi's rookie test.

At this moment it looks most obvious that Bottas is more likely on the F1-grid with Williams next year than Räikkönen is.

My Polish reporter buddy just sent me greetings that he believes Finland has three drivers in next year's F1-serie: Bottas in Williams, Räikkönen in Lotus and Kovalainen in Caterham.

It's good to live in hope...

Turun Sanomat


Courtesy: Nicole

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