Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Räikkönen: We have had negotiations

Kimi Räikkönen says that he doesn't have a contract to F1 for next season, although he has negotiated over it.

- We have talked with them (Williams) but I don't have any contract one way or another. Nothing has changed, Räikkönen said.

Räikkönen's shakedown in Wales could be his last if his job continues in F1. If this happens, then Räikkönen leaves WRC in a good mood.

- It has been fun and we have improved when comparing to where we started from, Räikkönen estimated.

- I didn't expect anything from it although I always tried to drive as well as I could. Sometimes the results were better, sometimes worse, Räikkönen says about his WRC-rallies.

If Räikkönen's Citroen changes next season into Williams F1-car, then the change is smaller in Räikkönen's eyes than it was when he came to rally.

- It's a thing that I've been doing for the most part of my life. It's much more challenging to try something else, Räikkönen said about F1.

Räikkönen isn't swayed by the flexible rear wings and the couple new tracks in F1.

- From what you see in the television they haven't changed much. The biggest differences are in the tyres, Räikkönen estimated F1.

One heck of a talent

Kaj Lindström would like to see Räikkönen in WRC also in the future.

- He makes his own decisions but it would be interesting to see how far Räikkönen can go in rally, Lindström says.

- He can't develop his skills other than by driving. Kimi is one heck of a talent when it comes to steering the car. It just comes out of somewhere all by itself, Lindström says.

- I said already in the beginning that this is a four-year project if he wants to go to the top. The first developing steps are long but after that the steps are smaller.

Source: Iltalehti
Courtesy: Nicole

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