Saturday, November 12, 2011

Close your eyes, Kimi!

My reporter buddy Alan Baldwin wrote after Abu Dhabi qualification on his twitter: "Don't look here, Kimi".

Why not? Well because this is the first time in the history when Williams-cars have to start from the back to a GP. Baldwin came up with a joking slogan about how the result better not be shown to the driver who they want in the team.

Williams bottom rock this season is a harsh fact. When I asked the team's other founder Patrick Head if he remembers the cars ever being in the back row, he shook his head and assured it has never happened before.

And if it has, then a painful information like that has at least been wiped out of his memory.

In a way this grid result comes at a bad time. The future big sponsors from Qatar are at the paddock as the team's guests. With these kind of positions they won't at least speed up those negotiations which already are about to be finished.

Williams has had an awkwardly bad season. Head was asked what the main reason for the catastrophy is, but according to him it's the sum of many factors. When the reliability has plagued the whole team this season Williams hasn't got any kind of compensation for their positions behind the top 10.

By changing Rubens Barrichello into Räikkönen it would in some way at least shake up the team to shape up. I heard from the inside circle that the mechanics in Williams already have a tough competition over who gets in the team operating around Kimi's car. The spirit is that it will definitely be fun in Kimi's team.

Frank Williams is still the master in his team. They were a bit astonished over the way he replied on Friday evening to two questions presented by Finnish reporters.

When I asked in FIA:s official press conference if he is interested in taking Räikkönen as his driver, he replied that he won't comment on the rumours.

When MTV3 asked the same from him in their own exclusive interview, filmed by two cameramen, he said that it's not a secret that they are very interested in getting Räikkönen.

This or that. I guess that Räikkönen's rallying career at least ended to his retirement in Wales on Saturday.

Turun Sanomat, Abu Dhabi


Courtesy: Nicole

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