Monday, November 28, 2011

Räikkönen could replace Kubica

Eric Boullier made it known already during Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that Kimi Räikkönen's manager had inquired about prospects for a team seat

Those who heard about it drew immediately the conclusions that it wasn't as sure that Räikkönen would be hired to Williams as the F1-media had believed.

As far as I know, no final decisions concerning Räikkönen has been made in Williams or in Renault for that matter. Both teams are believed to announce their drivers in the beginning of December.

In principle there's no rush since the test work for next season starts only on February 7th in Jerez.

Bouillier assured during Brazil GP that he has collected a long list of driver candidates. Among them Räikkönen is one of the options, but undoubtly the most famous one.

– It all depends upon the strategy we will take in the board of directors, but the decisions will be taken in the next couple weeks, Boullier informed.

Kubica's situation rubs relationships

Bouillier has got into an argument with manager Daniele Morelli over the way he has treated Robert Kubica. Renault published an announcement saying that Kubica won't rehabilitate in time for next season's start but Morelli denied it.

Boullier wants to ensure Kubica's plans and avoid the situation where he gives him a chance for testing so that he won't use it as a stepping stone to show his performance to another team - like for example Ferrari.

The only one who has a contract for next year in Lotus is Vitali Petrov.

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