Friday, November 11, 2011


Kimi GB rally preview in Finnish

Let's wrap up the season now and go to drive the last race. It always has a certain kind of different vibe than other races have. Once again I have raced for one different kind of year.

We had really good tests and got the car nicely so that it pleased us. The setups are the setups that I want. It's good to drive now. The shakedown also went well so everything is now in place to start the rally.

The weather is typical for GB. At times the sun shines, at times the water is dripping. There's mud, fog and slippery. When the conditions are changing you have to take really carefully all the spots in the beginning, so that you don't get any nasty surprises.

This is one of the most challenging rallies in the whole season. From last year they left only a few stages and there are a lot of new roads. New roads are always different. Let's see how the car works on them.

The last rallies have been a bit minor-predominant, hence it would do me really good to get a clean race again. Let's go and make a good result and avoid stupid blunders.

I am concentrating only on this rally to finish the season. Lets see what the future holds when it arrives.

Courtesy: Nicole

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