Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Räikkönen puts a stop to Renault's milking

Kimi Räikkönen who is known for his silence got finally fed up when Renault continues week after week speculating through the media about the Finnish star's possible switch back to F1 in their team.

– I am very disappointed in the way they have used my name in order to promote their own marketing. I have not at any stage considered seriously driving for Renault and I can assure you that I'm 100% sure that I will not drive in Renault next year, Räikkönen declares in his straightforward way.

– My managers were weeks ago once in contact with Renault's team manager. That's all, Räikkönen said.

Even though they haven't had any negotiations, Renault's camp has constantly been feeding the F1-media with stories about how Räikkönen is interested in their team. According to team manager Eric Bouillier the only thing slowing down the negotiations has been the uncertainity of the Finnish driver's motivation.

Although the big audience doesn't necessarily notice it, it isn't any campaign for open negotiations, it's clearly a team- and finance-policy.

Renault is a racing team lead by tycoon Gerard Lopez. For Lopez F1 is business and therefore it looks like they are riding on WDC Räikkönen's name for as long as possible until filling the other seat.

Räikkönen and his managers are used to not speaking in public about any negotiations before the contracts are sealed. Therefore the policy Renault has taken to chow down one short contact for several weeks has been both disturbing and shocking to them.

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