Friday, October 15, 2010

Q & A Kimi Räikkönen

Interview with Kimi Räikkönen before Rally RACC Spain 2010

Back to your Rally de France - Alsace, why be terminated after the second day?

Kimi Räikkönen: "We are at the start of each event to learn and learn as much experience. In Alsace, I still learned a lot. I was comfortable in the portions of the fastest but I was having difficulties in the slower corners. There was so much mud on the road than it was more like a real rally on asphalt. The experience was rewarding but it was not useful to continue under these conditions. I would not have learned more in the last day. The best decision was to preserve the car for the Rally of Spain. "

Do you have a particular ambition in Spain?

KR: "Since the beginning of the season, I mean that the test is one that most suits my driving style. The stages are fast and wide enough. This is the path that the rally drivers closest to a circuit on which it is necessary to work its trajectories. However, it is a rally that all competitors are fully aware. I'll have a big experience gap. My goal is to be fairly close to the top 6, maybe a bit more than at the beginning of the race in France. "

The first day will take place on roads mixed with soil and asphalt. Do you fear these changes coatings?

KR: "This season, I discover each event and all have their specificities. During reconnaissance, I am faced with new settings that I have to get used. You have to know to deal with these aspects in the race. World Championship Rally, we move from the land of asphalt and asphalt to the ground several times per season. This time, it will be in the same special ... We will see Friday! "

Source: Racing Citroën
Courtesy: luieluv

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