Monday, October 18, 2010

Kubica: Disappointed Kimi won't be joining

Robert Kubica says he's a "bit disappointed" that Kimi Räikkönen won't be joining him at Renault, as it would've been really good to have a World Champ as a team-mate

Rumours of Räikkönen's possible move to Renault, which created headlines after the Finn's management admitted they had contacted Renault to enquire about their 2011 line-up, came to naught when the 2007 World Champ lashed out at Renault.

According to the World Rally Championship driver, he "never seriously considered driving for Renault" and was "very disappointed with the way they have used my name for their own marketing."

One man who was left disappointed by the Finn's rejection of Renault was his potential 2011 team-mate, Kubica.

"I was a bit surprised because personally I thought that there was a chance," the Pole told ITV-F1. "But apparently it wasn't the case - what he's saying is completely different to what the picture was looking like.

"So I'm a bit disappointed because if there had been a chance I would've been very pleased to race together in the team with him, because he is a great driver.

"To have a World Champion driver as a team-mate would always be really good, and I think it's what Renault needs as well. But apparently it was completely not the case, so I don't really know what to think."

Source: Planet-F1

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