Monday, October 18, 2010

Bernie critical of 'selfish, stupid' team bosses

Bernie Ecclestone is refusing to name his possible successor, although given his opinion on F1's team bosses it's unlikely to be one of them

Ecclestone has ruled the world of Formula One since the late 1970s, turning the sport into a multi-million dollar industry.

However, at 79 years of age, his time in charge is coming to an end, although in the past he has insisted that he'll hold the reigns until the day he dies.

But while there may be no signs of Ecclestone slowing down, there is always speculation over who will replace him when the time comes.

"I have no idea," he told the official F1 website when asked to name names. "They (the team bosses) should probably look out for another used car dealer!"

As for those team bosses it's unlikely that Ecclestone would choose one of them as he believes they are largely a selfish bunch who are only on the look-out for what they can get.

"They should probably all see that they run their own businesses properly and not worry about others'," he said.

"What is good for Formula One is good for everybody involved - teams and companies. Too many people only think about what is good for them. It's the same with the rules - they only think about what can make them win."

Asked if that it was a case of 'ego', Ecclestone said: "I wouldn't call it ego but stupidity. They should think about the whole global side of it.

"All the teams are very competitive and want to win, which I support completely, but they need to want to win on level terms and not try to get a big advantage. If they get an advantage because somebody designs a better car or they have a better driver or strategy, then super.

"But they should not try to devise things so that they can go in knowing that they have an advantage. Lots of them would like to go in and have a little bit of a bigger engine than the others, which is not really the way to go."

Source: Planet-F1

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