Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Kimi!

Music translation by Nicole @F1Zone

I'm a trucker on a job that soon comes to an end
Tonnes behind me, steel under
Already as a boy I decided: I'm a trucker
Although many get their porridge much easier

I'm a trucker, that I am damn sure
No police, no officials
A trucker's hotel is a travelling office
And I have to scrape the pennies from the road


Thousands of nights, nights awake
Weeks on the road, I have to swallow tarmac
My eyes are heavy but the sleep doesn't give a loan
Hey trucker, what keeps a man on the road

I'm a trucker, always on the road
And sometimes I have overload, that I don't deny
My problem is the hurry and the police
And I have to swallow the wimps of the customs men


I'm a trucker, hurrying to the ferry
A week on the road, sauna at home
My eyes are heavy, hope the customs man is familiar
Maybe I'd be home at Saturday already

Hmm.. I'm a trucker, soon free
A clean shirt, at home for three nights
4 o'clock the alarm rings, once again the trucker takes off
This is a real man's job in films


Mm.. I'm driving again
What keeps a man on the road
Oh.. I'm driving again
What keeps a man on the road
Hm.. I'm driving again
Hm.. I'm driving again, again, again, again
What keeps a man on the road

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