Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Public torment

F1-column 5.10.

In top sport the negotiations about stars moving to another league are usually kept face to face in cabinets and they keep quiet about the meetings like they would be national secrets.

There has rarely been anything leaking out into the publicity, especially about Finnish F1-drivers' contract negotiations, before all the thick paper bundles have been signed and approved by lawyers.

The policy is that they deny until the last about contracts that are put into effect. That's how Keke Rosberg, Mika Häkkinen and now Kimi Räikkönen have done it.

I can imagine the disappointment in Räikkönen's close circle when Renault's current management started to boast in public about considering hiring Räikkönen to their F1-team next season.

Räikkönen's managers discussed with Renault's former team manager Flavio Briatore when the French team needed a big name to replace Fernando.

Back then they only whispered about the rumours behind the scenes and the persons concerned never commented their contacts in any way.

It was different now when Renault started to milk out in every turn Räikkönen's eagerness to come to the team. F1-bosses starting from Bernie Ecclestone have wished Räikkönen back and Renault also tried to take the status as the goodwill ambassador by repeating how they are thinking if they should take Räikkönen or Vitali Petrov.

But enough is enough. They will not speak in public about Räikkönen's real negotiations before the contract is closed.

TS/Heikki Kulta

Courtesy: Nicole

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