Monday, October 4, 2010

Petrov: Why choose Kimi over me?

Vitaly Petrov can't quite see a reason why Renault would want to replace him with Kimi Raikkonen, after all, he costs a lot less than the Finn

Räikkönen could return to Formula One next season with Renault, having enquired about the team's second race-seat alongside Robert Kubica.

However, already the team has stated that finances will play a role in deciding whether the former World Champ is worth the massive salary they would have to pay him.

And that, Petrov says, is his trump card.

"Why would Renault choose Kimi rather than me?" Petrov asked

"The team knew when they started with me that I'm a rookie, I am still learning the ropes.

"The team is negotiating with several drivers, that's how it works in Formula 1. I feel that they are satisfied with me, though."

He added: "An advantage in my case; compared to Kimi they do not have to pay me that much."

Source: Planet-F1

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