Friday, October 8, 2010

Lame explanations

Eric Boullier is talking himself into a corner so to speak because he still goes on about how seriously excited he was over the possibility to get Kimi Räikkönen as Robert Kubica's team mate.

First of all he claims that the initiative came from Räikkönen after Spa, when Kubica had drove his third podium position this season.

You don't have to be an Einstein to find Renault's first budding stories about their interest in hiring Räikkönen. They started particularly in Renault's camp. I myself asked Kubica in the press conference how it would feel to drive beside Räikkönen because of these rumours.

Then what about Boullier's justification that he didn't want to start any negotiations with Räikkönen until he clears up whether Vitali Petrov still would be skillful enough to continue in the team?

If even one top team gets the opportunity to snatch an active WDC to the team then they go for it with all they've got.

Logically thinking they would have proceeded with Petrov in this situation - where no better team is interested in him - so that they would have made it clear to the Russian driver that they are now negotiating with Räikkönen and if that doesn't happen they will discuss with him.

Summa summarum. When Bouillier is defending that the team did not use Räikkönen's name for their own marketing in order to bend Petrov's support groups to be more generous, they certainly succeeded very well especially by this way.

Thanks to Petrov Renault got in Singapore two new Russian sponsors for the rest of the season and now one more in Japan.

It feels like Renault's F1-team has charted out the maturity of Petrov's sponsors instead of his maturity before they would have started to discuss with Räikkönen.

TS/Heikki Kulta

Courtesy: Nicole

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