Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hamilton vows to stay aggressive at Suzuka

Lewis Hamilton says he will do his best to overtake if the opportunity arises

Lewis Hamilton says he will not rein in his aggressive approach to racing as he looks to get back into the championship mix at Suzuka.

Two successive DNFs have seen Hamilton's title aspirations dented but the 2008 world champion says he sees no reason to change his driving style in order to stay in the hunt.

"As drivers we are always on the ragged edge," said Hamilton on Thursday. "We are always trying to gain position whilst staying safe. Some of us are more aggressive than others in those positions. Some people do a lot less overtaking than others. You just try to keep out of trouble. It is not easy. Racing is racing and there are racing incidents every now and then, so that is to be expected.

"I'm clearly looking at all of the races that I've done and looking at how my approach has been and trying to evaluate and try to take a step back and try to see it as something I can improve on, of course. It's difficult to pinpoint one particular part. Of course, I could go and drive around and not overtake anyone and just stay in position, that's easy enough but that's not me, so that definitely won't be happening."

Hamilton added that he was once again looking forward to driving at one of his favourite circuits when Friday's free practice session begins.

"Watching Michael race, watching Ayrton [Senna] race down here and [Alain] Prost. It seemed, at least while watching growing up, one of the very tough circuits but very much a driver's circuit. Coming here for the first time last year was a great experience and looking forward to getting back out there. We did not have enough laps last year. There are never enough laps. It is a very challenging circuit. The first sector is incredible. You just never seem to stop, corner after corner after corner, and it is such a beautiful flow through there and I think the whole track is like that, so I am looking forward to tomorrow."

Source: ESPNF1

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