Friday, October 1, 2010

Alonso's Blog: Now it gets serious

I have been back in Switzerland for a few days now. It’s been a time to relax and fill up the energy tanks before the final rush of what has been a very intense season. The Singapore weekend was very stressful from the physical point of view, especially because of the humidity and dehydration. So, I have continued to drink a lot and I have been training in a very low key way, just to get back to full fitness.

I have kept in touch with the team all the time and I know that in Maranello, everyone is delighted with last Sunday’s win. That’s how it should be and I’m happy too, even if I know the hard part is still ahead of us. These two consecutive wins have reduced the gap that had built up but we are definitely not leading yet! Now it starts getting serious, we will have to experience some pain and it is time for everyone to give their all, without taking a single backward step. There are still five drivers in the hunt for the title. So many times this year we have seen that the situation can change really quickly, so anything could still happen. What is certain is that if any of the five put a foot wrong, then it will be even harder for them. I stick with my belief that the key is to always finish on the podium and then do the maths in Abu Dhabi.

The wins in Monza and Singapore inspire confidence, especially as they came after a difficult season, in which our championship chances have often hung by a thread. Winning on two very different types of track confirms that our car is very versatile and so we can tackle the coming races without any fear. I have been asked which was the best win, Singapore or Monza. Well, any win is great, wherever it comes, but I would have to say that winning in Italy at the wheel of a Ferrari was a really special and unique feeling.

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