Sunday, September 19, 2010

Singapore to suit Red Bull car

Sebastian Vettel: “As a night race, Singapore is an unforgettable event. It’s important to manage the time difference, so I try to sleep until the afternoon so my body thinks it’s still in Europe. The circuit has 23 corners so it’s extremely important for the driver to find a good rhythm without touching the barriers. Besides that, this circuit is hard on the brakes and it has a lot of kerbs; the resulting bumpiness demands extreme concentration from the driver. I think Singapore offers a great show for the Formula one fans, the cars come across on the TV like they’re in a computer game and the scenery is amazing.”

Mark Webber: “I like Singapore; it’s unique as we race at night. You get the impression the crowd is pretty close to the track in most sections, so it’s certainly cosy. I’m hoping to improve on last year’s result, as it’s a high down-force street circuit that should suit our car. It’s got some similarities to Monaco and Budapest and we did well at both those circuits, so I’m hoping for a strong result. We’ve yet to experience any wet running on a flood-lit track, so it will be interesting if that happens.”

Source: NextGenAuto

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