Monday, September 13, 2010


After all public rumors, Kimi Räikkönen has finally made his point by coming to NASCAR. He is signed with Red Bull Racing to replace Kasey Kahne for 2012.

Räikkönen, who is currently competing in the WRC, said he wanted to do this because "NASCAR is totally interesting in my opinion because I remember Juan Pablo Montoya's move to NASCAR and I have been following him a lot."

Kasey Kahne expressed his opinion on Raikkonen coming to NASCAR: "Obviously, Kimi is from Finland and since the Finns don't know much about NASCAR, he will introduce NASCAR to the entire country of Finland. He is an amazing World Champion who can do anything he wants to win and become good at."

Brian Vickers and Scott Speed have different opinions, however. "I am very comfortable about Kimi Raikkonen coming to NASCAR because he is such a great advisor to any driver out there", said Vickers. Scott Speed said, "I can't wait for Kimi to come over because he is such a great World Champion and a perfect teammate."

After all, Kimi said that in 2009 when he was going to leave F1, he said that he could race in NASCAR if he wanted to. But this is about to change in 2012.

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