Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stewart sees a positive side in Räikkönen's misfortune

Lotus-team's special consultant, 3 x WDC Jackie Stewart understands the disappointment Kimi Räikkönen experienced in Australia Grand Prix -qualification.

– The weekend has really not been easy. Kimi must be really disappointed, Stewart sighed in Turun Sanomat's interview.

Then the Scot grabbed my sleeve:

– In some weird way this isn't necessary a bad thing at all, because this will surely wake up Kimi to understand more carefully how everything he does in his preparations has to be handled as accurately as a computer.

– If he hadn't changed the helmet before the crucial stint, then he would have had that short time that was needed for an additional lap. There again was the potential to make a good time.

– You never know if you make a mistake in some corner. If you make two mistakes on the same lap, then you won't make it. That's how it always goes.

– I know Kimi so much that I can see how much he trusts in himself. I think that the qualification on Saturday was an effective wake-up call for him because at the same time his team mate made it to the 3rd grid.

– It takes it's own time to get yourself into the best speed when you have been away for a couple of years. It's not easy and it doesn't happen by snapping your fingers. But Kimi is such a full-blooded racer who has already experienced everything, that I'm completely sure that he can do it.

– Nobody gets gifts in this sport. You have to do everything yourself and take your position. You can only forgive yourself for those kind of couple mistakes and in the future use every moment more carefully, Stewart says.

Then what kind of a result does Stewart expect from Räikkönen one and a half hour before the start?

– If Kimi makes the first couple laps without anyone crashing into him, then he will navigate through the traffic. I am disappointed if Kimi isn't in the top 10 when finishing the race, because he needs 1-2 WC-points from this race, Stewart thinks.

Turun Sanomat, Melbourne


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