Friday, March 16, 2012

Räikkönen: I quarreled with only one person in Ferrari

Kimi Räikkönen is still not going to trouble his head with events outside the track.

"Racing is the main thing. It's no secret that drivers like to race. That's what I want to do and the rest is just part of F1", Räikkönen said.

Räikkönen has told that he didn't much follow F1 during his rallying career. Some persons in the F1-world got upset over the comment but Räikkönen doesn't care about them.

Räikkönen reminded that even though he didn't follow the races much it doesn't mean that he wouldn't like F1.

"There is much more in life than just F1. Although maybe not for everyone who is here", Räikkönen snapped.

"I have my own hobbies. I don't sit at home and watch races from tv."

Although Räikkönen was smoked out from Ferrari he has nothing bad to say about the Italian team. Räikkönen tells he met his former team manager Stefano Domenicali in Melbourne and that he enjoyed the discussions.

"I had no quarrels with anyone there, well except for one person maybe. Like I said before leaving, I would not change anything. I had good times in Ferrari but also bad times and I won the WDC there."

Räikkönen gives out praisal to his new team Lotus.

"So far I haven't found anything bad in Lotus. The people are nice, they like racing and don't like politics so much. That's a good sign.".

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