Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Räikkönen shined with satisfaction

Iltalehti was the only Finnish media in private rooms of Lotus at the Geneva Motor Show. There was Kimi Räikkönen himself answering the question

Lotus has been the biggest sensation in winter tests. It does not necessarily say anything about the final strengt, but of course it is better to be fast than slow in tests.

What is the secret of the speed of Lotus?

- It behaves well and responds to setups, all the normal things are in order. All of course wants more downforce, but it is just small things, no major problems.

How do you think that Lotus will be placed in future races?

- Hard to say how it will go in race. A couple of weeks and then we'll see.

There has been much talk about tyres before the start of the season. Have you had trouble getting used to these narrow rubbers?

- It has really not been a problem. I don't have anything to compare from last year. If I had been driving other tyres, maybe then, now there is nothing that I should be expecting. Well, maybe they'll wear out more than before.

Read the full Kimi Räikkönen interview in the newspaper tomorrow.


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