Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kimi's Column: Turning the cards!

Finally here Down Under! I flew from Zürich via Dubai to Melbourne. I slept both flights, so I feel fresh and relaxed to get things going.

Now the real work starts and the eternal questions of who goes fast, who not, will be finished.

Obviously, during testing every team follows its own programme. Nobody plays their cards openly. You just know what cards you have in your own hand, but not what the other players in the table have in theirs. So I have a feeling that this year everybody seems to have better cards than they had previously.

Hopefully we will have tight fight for every position during the qualifying and during the race. I cannot say anything about the season, but I can tell you, how ever it goes, I know have made a right decision, while wanting to come back to race. Obviously, right now it's useless to say anything about the possible targets before the first qualifying and the first race. My Fans can rely on the fact, I will try my very best to get the good result by taking everything out of the car and out of myself every time I go to the circuit. Let's wait and see, where it takes us this weekend.

Australia is one of my favourite places to come and race, although it¹s the farthest place from Europe. The jet lag doesn't bother me and I always dig the warm weather here. The nature of the circuit itself is special. Anything can happen there. Obviously, there will be safety-car situations and I guess there will be some surprises with the tyres, as well. Looks like it will rain. It's the same for everyone, but in a way it's a pity, while I have not even seen the wet tyres so far, not to mention driving them.

At Albert Park you need a car with a good traction. That's what we had in Jerez and in Barcelona, so it should be OK here, too. While we got rid of the power steering problem, the car turns into the corner the way I want. The braking is also in good shape. I would presume we have a reliable, good car to start the season with. Obviously, we lost two and half days of testing. It could have helped a little, but it's useless to worry about it afterwards, while it doesn't change from that. The racing itself is still the same. It has not changed. That was why I wanted to come back. That's the best part while I can do it again flat out. Feels like these two years have go past very quickly ­ like there was not break at all!


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