Thursday, March 8, 2012

Video: Räikkönen in IL-TV's interview: Are you scared, Kimi?

Iltalehti met with Kimi Räikkönen at the Geneva Motor Show

Kimi Räikkönen sits behind the wheel of formula car within a couple of weeks to compete first time since 2009. After spending two years in WRC, return to F1 does not shake Räikkönen much.

- I have driven more formula races than rally. I know what's going on and what the circumstances are. Rally was completely new to me, says Raikkonen in IL-TV's interview in Geneva Motor Show.

Räikkönen has been asked about differences between rally and formula in several interviews, but what does motorsport's multi-talent think which is more dangerous.

- In any sport something can happen. Speed does not have to be high, if you're unlucky. In formula they have invested a lot to security and run-off areas. In rally it is usually trench, tree, stone or such [which you collide]. If you consider it only by eye, the result would be that rally is more dangerous, 32 year old driver says.

How about does the fear sneak into mind on the track?

- It is probably wrong sport, if you think that, Raikkonen points out briefly.

Source: IL

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