Saturday, March 3, 2012

F1-experts about Kimi's season: the biggest problem is money

Iltalehti made a quick gallup on Barcelona paddock about what Kimi's chances will be next season.

Jonathan Noble, Autosport (UK)

- The Lotus-car appears to be good but it's helplessly behind Red Bull and McLaren. I don't dare to bet that Kimi will win this season but of course that is possible under lucky stars. It will be interesting to see how he reacts if Lotus isn't in the top 6 in qualification.

Alberto Antonini, Autosprint (Italy)

- Kimi is extremely hungry after two years in rally and he seems to enjoy being in Lotus-team very much. In a way he has the ideal settings for the upcoming season but he has also a lot of difficulties. I believe that Kimi will win some day but not necessarily in 2012.

Patrick Camus, Auto Hebdo (France)

- The biggest problem is money. Can Lotus develop their machinery in the same pace with the top teams? A couple of years ago the first races in spring gave an opportunity to surprise but today all cars are really reliable so that chance has also narrowed down.

Heikki Kulta, Turun Sanomat

- A GP-victory doesn't seem to be realistically possible but if a chance for that opens up then Kimi's hands won't shake, that's for sure, instead he will take advantage of the situation. I believe that he will climb on the podium two or three times and be within the top 6 when the season ends. The beginning of the season is really important ; if it takes off really well then his motivation will rise even more.


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