Thursday, March 8, 2012

Matti Kyllönen: "I don't know where Kimi's genes come from"

Veteran reporter believes in Kimi Räikkönen's driving skills

Matti Kyllönen relies on Kimi Räikkönen, even though the Finn spent two previous years in rally.

- For Räikkönen rally series was certainly an educational and a great experience. But his rally driving on rally roads was fumbling from the beginning, because track racing is Kimi's thing. Something tells the fact that he returned after two years break to the top of formula racing.

Kyllönen's believe in the Finn is not shaken even by the fact that the championship driver Michael Schumacher has failed to rise to anywhere near to former glory after his return.

- Kimi has come back to F1 with greater passion than "Schumi". In addition, Schumacher was away for three years and Kimi two. There is a big difference, he points out.

Kyllönen admires Räikkönen's courageous decisions to at first to leave formula racing, then to driving rally and then again a cool return to F1.

- I do not know where Kimi's genes come from, as in Kimi culminates Finnish guts, determination and stubbornness. Kimi is a man who dares to seize the moment and he has done it again. Kimi knows that now there is no other option but to succeed, and he is ready to do everything for it.

Kyllönen does not think it is impossible at all that in the future, after a season with Lotus, Raikkonen would sit behind the wheel of a top car.

- Kimi's contract has an option after the coming season. If Kimi surprises all, he is back on driver markets to top teams. I believe Kimi will end up behind the wheel of Red Bull, says Kyllönen referring to last season's top team.


Source: Iltalehti
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