Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kimi losing 1-0

The inner hierarchy in Lotus team is up side down

In Melbourne Romain Grosjean made a qualification of his life time, driving to P3 on the grid. Kimi Räikkönen blundered himself out in the first qualification section.

The situation is thus 1-0 to Swiss-French driver.

- I knew that he is a fast guy. If he is here faster than I am, then he'll be. Of course, I'm trying to win. In the last race we didn't even give ourselves the opportunity to win him, Räikkönen said in the paddock.

- Of course in qualification I will try to win all, but it does not mean as much as the race. Only that matters.

In championship points Räikkönen leads Grosjean 6-0.

- The feeling of driving is very much the same as last time when I drove F1. Downforce is the same, or perhaps it is a bit more now. Car handling is the same, the Finn granted to compare.

Janne Palomäki

Source: Iltalehti
Courtesy: reppo

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