Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kimi's Column: FRIDAY ON MY MIND

Kimi Rally de Spain preview in Finnish

Ahead is now the season's second last rally. Last year's experience doesn't help at all at this point. We are going to a completely new rally so to say. At least the vibes are very high after the pace noting.

From here we go and drive almost two different rallies because the first part is gravel and the two parts after that are on tarmac again.

The noting went well and based upon that, we already know that on Friday the roads are slippery and hence very demanding. It's clear that on these gravel roads one has to drive totally with the tongue in the middle of the mouth and try to avoid bigger blunders.

The last stage on Friday will practically be driven when darkness has already descended. That offers a challenge of it's own in this rally. Lets hope that there's not a lot of dust in the air since the visibility is already limited as it is.

The goal is of course to cross the finish line on Friday so that we get to continue from good positions on Saturday. Saturday and Sunday will be on tarmac and those roads are totally super cool. They aren't very fast but it's kind of real tarmac driving. They don't have those shortcut places and the roads stay pretty much clean.

Its already beforehand the very best driving that rally offers. The front cars are also making sure that no unpleasant surprises occur after pace noting.

Now we hit the gravel roads, our last gravel rally was in Jyskälä. That's what makes it different when compared to Germany and France because you have to be alert all the time. The goals are the same as always: we aim to the finish line.

Courtesy: Nicole

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