Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Betting company experts believe in Räikkönen's F1-comeback

Unibet's international motorsport-experts believe Kimi returns to F1.

There has been rumours about Kimi's comeback to F1 during the autumn. The man drove the last two seasons in WRC and this season ended so that Räikkönen's private team was excluded for the rest of the season from WRC-serie. The man has mostly been taken to Williams.

According to Unibet's experts the F1-rumours are strongly grounded: the company gives clearly the smallest coefficient 1,50 for Kimi driving in F1 in 2012.

According to Unibet the motivation factors are especially for Kimi's comeback: there's yet no success in WRC and he has a strong will to show his skills and speed in motorsport's indesputable royal class.

In Spain Räikkönen didn't want to continue his own race after engine problems although his car was fixed and he could have continued with super rally. Also Räikkönen didn't want to communicate in Spain with the reporters, which could indicate that he isn't willing to comment on his F1-negotiations. Räikkönen agreed to step in front of the media in the season's earlier rallies.

Kimi's Future - Kimi Räikkönen's Start for the 2012 Season

Formula 1 1,50
Not racing 3,50
WRC 5,00
Indy Car 6,50

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