Saturday, September 24, 2011

Räikkös-rumours from one side to another

The rumour mill around Kimi Räikkönen's possible comeback to F1-tracks after two years as Williams' driver is accelerating all the time on Singapore Grand Prix -paddock. The former F1-commentator from ITV, James Allen, writes in his blog that the contract negotations would already be on the finish line.

Allen told TS that his information is based upon reliable Williams-sources.

Allen says that Williams will get bigger sponsor money by hiring Räikkönen. On the other hand the team's share of the tv- and commercial-income from Bernie Ecclestone's FOM-company shrinks smaller than ever before since Williams is about to come only 9th in the WCC-serie.

The reporter from German Auto, Motor und Sport -paper, Michael Schmidt, presents again that Räikkönen's factory-visit in Grove was only a way from the team to put pressure on more econimical clauses when negotiating with other driver-candidates.

According to information Schmidt has, Williams doesn't necessarily have to hire two drivers who bring sponsor money. Hence they still have the chance of paying another driver like Rubens Barrichello the same way they have done before.

Turun Sanomat, Singapore


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