Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mildh about Räikkönen: There's no smoke without fire

As a Finn, YLE Urheilu's F1-expert Jukka Mildh sees the future of F1 good. Heikki Kovalainen has been taking care of the reputation of Finns during the last years, but we might see several Finnish names in F1 later on.

Lately they have combined Kimi Räikkönen to F1 on a regular basis. According to latest rumours he would have discussed about it with Williams.

- I have a feeling that some small flame is burning here. There's no smoke without fire. If Kimi would want to come back to track-racing, then F1 would be a clear option. A long serie gives motivation because you have to try and improve all the time.

- Now when it's confirmed that he has visited Williams he has somekind of a knowledge over what the situation in the team is. However one has to remember that if he didn't like what he saw at Williams, then it could well be a decisive factor in his F1-comeback, Mildh emphasises.

According to Mildh Räikkönen's comeback isn't however very likely.

- I would say that at the moment it's clearly under 50 %, because many stones have to be turned before he is able to make his decision. It's very much a question about what he himself wants.

It's more likely that another Finn will be seen in Williams in the future. Their test driver Valtteri Bottas is seen as the next great Finn.

- It's an interesting setting. If we think romantically that two Finnish drivers are fighting for the same seat, then it would be a brilliant situation. Yet Bottas looks into the future. He is expected in F1.

- If he would jump there already now I wouldn't see it as any bad option. He has been in F3 for two seasons and one season in GP3 and won the championship, hence a jump straight from GP2 to F1 wouldn't be that much smaller. Valtteri could take the jump at this stage already, Mildh thinks.

But when will we see Finns in championship-battles again?

- If we are thinking about the future driver Bottas, then it can take at least five more years. If Kimi would come back to F1, then he would surely make a one year contract and see if other seats would be available after that. I believe that Nico Rosberg can fight for the championship within 2 years, Mildh said.

YLE Urheilu

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