Sunday, September 9, 2012

Räikkönen's contracts performance level clauses have been exceeded

Gerard Lopez is very calm about the rumors which are taking Kimi back to Ferrari or McLaren.

What is Räikkönen's future in Lotus like?

- Kimi is with us at least on a short-term range. We have a contract which is based upon performance level and we have exceeded it, Lopez tells Turun Sanomat.

– And we never keep anyone by force if they don't want to be with us. Kimi wants to be with us and so does Romain Grosjean – and we are satisfied with them.

Did the rumors about other teams' interest in Räikkönen come as a surprise?

- No. This is F1. Sometimes rumors are true, sometimes they are just made up although they aren't based on anything.

Do Räikkönen's and Grosjean's contracts need to be confirmed officially?

– It is official when it is announced. We think that they are already official and when we present the car, we also present the drivers.

The new E21 -car is presented when winter tests begin. Räikkönen hasn't yet signed the contract, because the option closes at the end of September. Hence there is more than enough to be polished in it. In F1 even the concept of 'certain' is a variable concept.

Car 2013 is also strong 

The most important thing for the drivers is that next year's Lotus is also competitive. Does the long WC-battle affect the striking ability of next year's car?

– We have a good understanding of our car. When you look at the most successful team in the past years, Red Bull, you can see that they don't either make any big changes into their car. They have a good basis and they develop it with patience.

– Now we also have a good basis. We aren't going to make any revolutionary car for next year. We make it a car that works a little bit better than this current one does.

– There aren't any big changes in regulations for season 2013 when we continue with the same engine for example etc., Lopez reminds.

Turun Sanomat, Monza

Courtesy: Nicole

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