Saturday, September 8, 2012

Räikkönen lost the highest top speed

After qualification Räikkönen seemed to be more pissed than usually. 

Why didn't the speed on the straight reflect as top times in the temple of speed, Monza?

– Our top speed is okay here, but some cars find their top speed faster than we do. After that it doesn't mean a thing even if we had a 20 km/hour better top speed than earlier when we still can't get one lap faster, Räikkönen grunted.

– Here we would have needed either Merc's of Ferrari's engine.

Alonso's problems in a bad time

Räikkönen's strategy to drive only one time in Q3 didn't fall in place due to the stabilizer-problems Fernando Alonso suffered from. Kimi wasn't aware of that and of course he was bugged when the lap suffered because of Ferrari.

– I don't know what it was with Alonso, but all of a sudden he didn't go as fast as he did in the beginning. I got too close to him in the last corner. Then again I wouldn't have been able to go much faster anyway, Räikkönen thought.

According to Mark Slade Kimi lost about 0,15 seconds due to Alonso which would have been enough for the 5th grid.

- We were stuck in the position we have been in all weekend. 6th or 7th. Hopefully we are stronger in the race. Last race showed again that anything can happen, Kimi said.

Because of Paul di Resta Räikkönen climbed up to 7th grid.

What chances do you have?

- I'm not a fortune teller. We see it on Sunday, Räikkönen snapped.

We can expect only one pitstop for nearly everybody. The critical moment is the start, since the first shicanes usually aren't crash-free.

Turun Sanomat, Monza


Courtesy: Nicole

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