Sunday, September 23, 2012

Räikkönen confirms: The liberties Lotus give is an important factor

Kimi Räikkönen confirmed that he enjoys working in Lotus-team partly because the team gives him certain liberties

Räikkönen hasn't had as many sponsor-duties in Lotus as the other top teams demand from their drivers.

- I have been satisfied with what we have done with this team. It's a good place for me to work, I get quite a lot of liberties etc. That's why I have liked it here, Räikkönen told MTV3 in Singapore.

Räikkönen will continue in Lotus next season also. According to Kimi it isn't up to money to continue in F1 anymore.

- A lot of things are significant. Of course you should get paid for the work you do. But this isn't such a luxury-thing that one is here only for the money. Of course there are many different things in contracts and there's so much more in F1 than just driving, Kimi said.

Räikkönen hasn't yet made any long-term plans for his F1-career.

- I don't have any reason to decide today what I'm going to do in two or three years time. I drive as long as it feels good. If it doesn't feel good when I wake up tomorrow, then I don't have to come here. I can for example go home. I decide myself what I do. I'm sure there are drivers who impose themself here if someone doesn't feel like driving anymore, Räikkönen states.

Source: MTV3
Courtesy: Nicole

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