Saturday, April 28, 2012

Turrini's blog: Kimi's confession

Elton John and other great music stars also did a song about it. It was called, if I remember correctly, That's what friends are for.

And indeed you need friends.

The other day I was comforting the brave Matthew Bonciani. He is the Italian at the court of the monarch Penguin, which means that the Tuscan Bonciani works for FIA and deals with communication.

Among other things, he has to receive the first three drivers classified at the end of each Grand Prix, to take them to the ritual press conferences.

Big Bonciani has worked for Ferrari in the past. Being very good, he is then placed elsewhere. It's a classic, if one thinks about the recent events in Maranello: A is the FIA president, B drives a fast Phantom Blot, C from a consultant has become a driver for Daimler Benz, D was placed at the same Daimler Benz, etc. etc. .


I was saying that I was comforting the exiled Big Bonciani in Mazzini's style. Reason: in the Middle East they have stolen his smartphone. They weren't the rebels of Bahrain, but unknown in transit in the Pacific as well as rich Abu Dhabi. Where, however, the thieves are not these: they simply suffer of kleptomania.

But I comfort him and ask: what did the Holy Drinker say you privately of the Phantom Blot, while you were waiting for the podium of the awards on Sunday?

Follows the original version.

Kimi dixit.


Very good.


Okay, let's not exaggerate.

"We threw the victory in the toilet."

That's it.

"We were wrong to copy Vettel in last pit stop, if I stayed out just two more laps I could take the advantage for coming ahead and I could go away."

I also thought it.


Legitimate expression of personal disappointment.

"However, if the car continues to go so I can win soon"

Fu*k! (Exclaimed this time by someone of another team).

"I'm pissed because I lost seven valuable points in the general classification."


But is not that this man is imagining to...

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