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Interview with Kimi Räikkönen for the Motorsport-total

Question: "Kimi, are you satisfied with your fourth place?"
Kimi Räikkönen: "In a way yes, because it was not too bad, but because of the gap to the top I'm a bit disappointed. Overall I think we were stronger in the last race. However, the position is quite okay. "

Question: "How do you explain the gap? Was there a problem with the car?"
Räikkönen: "We are just improving in some areas but in others not, we are in a learning process."

Question: "So on your lap no problems occurred?"
Räikkönen: "The car could not have been much faster. We have tried everything, but it has not worked."

Question: "Were there more problems in the slow or the fast corners?"
Räikkönen: "More in the slow corners. Otherwise the handling of the car was right except in the final qualifying when it was cooler, it got worse a bit."

Question: "Are you generally satisfied with the handling of the car?"
Räikkönen: "Overall I was more satisfied with the car at the last race. There are a few areas where we have problems and the gap to the top is slightly larger than expected. But one must say that the times are very close. I think we could have even further ahead. "

Question: "How do you rate your chances for the race starting fourth?"
Räikkönen: "I don't know. Usually our car is good in the race. Tomorrow it will be hotter than today, which is better for us. Hopefully the other teams then have problems. We have to wait and see what happens."

Question: "If you compare the soft with the hard tires - you realize there is a big difference?"
Räikkönen: "No. On one lap maybe, but then it depends on the temperature."

Question: "What areas do you think you can improve your car?"
Räikkönen: "We could further improve the downforce. Then the tire would work even better."

Question: "Regarding the updates on your car: Is it true that you still drive with the old rear end here?"
Räikkönen: "No, that one didn'T work. We use the one we have used the last race. We had tried the old again, but then changed back to the new one."

Question: "Are you surprised of Kamui (Kobayashi, editor's note) performance?"
Räikkönen: "No. The Sauber were fast all season so far. Both drivers were quick, so I'm not surprised that he is in front of me.."

Question: "How do you assess the durability of your tires in the race?"
Räikkönen: "I don't know. We were not able to simulate a race distance. Like I said, it depends much on how hot it is. If it is really hot, we will make advantage. If it is cooler it will be difficult for us to get temperature into the tires. Then the others may have an advantage. "

Question: "How do you assess the situation when it rains, there is little chance that it will rain tomorrow?".
Räikkönen: "No matter what happens, we are simply trying to achieve the best possible. The situation will be the same for all. It makes no difference for us. But it would be nicer to drive a race in dry conditions. But we can't change the weather. "

Question: "IYou were the fastest in sector 1. Because of the car and you like the sector specifically?"
Räikkönen: "Actually I was not so happy with the first sector, so I'm surprised that I was the fastest there, the car does not feel so good there.."

Question: "Do you think that Mercedes will not be as fast tomorrow as it was today?"
Räikkönen: "Usually not, but if it should be cooler, it could be advantageous for them. They seem to have a greater tire wear than others in the race, so cooler temperatures should be better for their tires."

Question: "You've already used all the soft tires, do you?"
Räikkönen: "I have not driven my fastest lap on my last set of tires, so I have another one."

Question: "In Malaysia, you were at the end of the race very fast. Do you think that here in China it will be the same?"
Räikkönen: "We are always fast Usually at race end the times are faster overall. We will see how it will be tomorrow."

Question: "Are you surprised from Sebastian's (Vettel, editor's note) performance?"
Räikkönen: "I don't know what happened. Maybe he had a lot of traffic. Such things can."

Question: "Do you expect the two McLarens of Button and Hamilton at the start?"
Räikkönen: "Yes, because they have always been very fast."

Source: Motorsport-total
Courtesy: Miezicat

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