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Räikkönen's risky strategy hit him on the fingers

Kimi Räikkönen year model 2012 can surprise in a new way. Not even the complete downfall in China GP got the Finn upset

The crushing drop from 2nd postion to far away from point-positions didn't get Räikkönen irritated, nor did he start to curse swear words after he got out of the car.

The driver seemed to be completely okay with the situation. The goal was to get the best result of the season, he was offered a place on the podium even after poorly timed pit stops, but now the calculated risk hit on his own nails.

– The strategy had only two options. We tried with more risk, thought it would pay off because it was in theory the fastest for this race. It just didn't work now since the tyres didn't last in the final games. They were completely gone, Räikkönen said.

Räikkönen did his everything to keep the pace reasonable during the 28 laps, but 10 laps before the finish the reaper came - or rather 12 reapers came.

When Räikkönen's Lotus was overtaken by Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull the car went off the driving line and was after that like on a black ice. Completely worn out medium tyres didn't work anymore and Räikkönen was a helpless prey for the chasers just like a bird who can't fly is for hunters.

– Everything went okay until those last laps. We had a good pace and the possibility to a good result. Then the tyres just failed and it was impossible to keep up the same rhythm.

– Once Vettel went past the downhill took off. I was on pieces of rubber and couldn't control the car at all. I just tried to stay on the track. I guess I lost about 10 positions during one lap when I couldn't do anything to stop it, Räikkönen sighed.

Räikkönen got a good start from 4th position and the E20 -car proved out to be faster than it had been all weekend. However two pitstops went slightly wrong and Räikkönen lost his position during both of them.

– Then I got stuck behind Felipe Massa. I was much faster than he was but I just couldn't get past, because Ferrari was stronger in exactly that place where I needed to get close enough to overtake him.

– All and all it doesn't matter if I would have got past earlier or not, because the tyres wore out and the result would have been the same. But at least I would have been more ahead of the other bunch behind me, than I was now when everybody caught up with me, Räikkönen said.

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