Saturday, April 21, 2012

Comment: What happened to Kimi?

Kimi Räikkönen starts from 11th position on Bahrain GP. Why?

Räikkönen falling from the last quali has already been judged as a huge blunder from Lotus-team, but what happened exactly?

Räikkönen went to Q2 from the first minutes to get a good laptime. He also thought he got one and believed it would be enough for Q1.

Going for an excellent laptime right in the beginning shows that Räikkönen and the team were prepared to improve the time at the end of Q2. The driver and the team didn't initially have any intention to use only one set of tyres during Q2. If they would have, then they should have absolutely made one fast stint right in the end of Q2 when the track would be clearly faster.

Räikkönen and Lotus failed in their calculations. Falling from Q1 came as a surprise. It wasn't a planned strategy or calculation. However they spared more new tyres for Sunday's hot race than many others, and that has a great value.

The significance of qualifications has already grown really much smaller after they started using Pirelli's tyres which wear out faster and the DRS-wings which help immensly in overtakings.

Back in the days 11th grid would have given small chances to get on the podium. Nowadays it's much more easier - especially if the car is a good friend with the tyres.

Janne Aittoniemi

Courtesy: Nicole

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