Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kimi surprised the reporter with his answer

Martin Brundle was thrilled over Kimi's performance in Bahrain GP.

- Kimi's race was separate from the group.

- It's impressive that how he hasn't lost any of his striking ability in races although he stayed away for 2 years. We have seen him in several duels and he has not been in difficulties in starts.

Brundle chatted with Kimi after the race. Kimi was not satisfied.

- I chose the wrong side in the only place where I could have overtaken Vettel, he said to Brundle.

Should you then had changed to the inner side?

- No, I should have just blasted from the outside, Kimi replied and according to Brundle he surprised him completely.

According to Brundle Lotus should had let Kimi past Romain earlier.

- If Lotus had won more often lately, then they would have an advantage over Red Bull.


Courtesy: Nicole

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