Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"When Kimi talks, it is always something important"

Kimi Raikkonen is said to be tight-lipped

Lotus test driver Jerome d'Ambrosio confirms the claim.

- Yes, he does not talk much, but when he speaks, it is always something important.

- Otherwise he is a nice guy. First meeting went well.

D'Ambrosio describes Räikkönen to be a very different personality when compared to Lotus' other driver Romain Grosjean.

- We have known Romain for ten years, so we get along well, we have never had any problems.

D'Ambrosio was in the last season Virgin team's driver. For the beginning season he did not get a contract. Now he is trying to create a new career at Lotus.

- This is a good deal for me. I have received support from one of the top teams. If you want to make a long career in Formula One, you must aim to the top teams. I am pleased that Lotus gave me the opportunity.

Lotus' tests in Barcelona were interrupted due to a defect in chassis. Still D'Ambrosio does not see the situation as a disaster.

- We are pleased with our car. In the second test we had problems, but it does happen. The team intends to resolve the issue next week. We have a good basis and from it, it is good to develop.

F1 season starts in Australia on March 18th.


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